Making Money The Old Fashioned Way Or What

Making Money The Old Fashioned Way Or What 1

Making Money the​ Old-Fashioned Way Or What
So,​ what's the​ big deal? What's everyone talking about these days on​ how to​ make money of​ the​ Internet? If you are a​ webmaster or​ a​ web site developer,​ the​ answers to​ these two questions may get you heading in​ the​ right general direction,​ but there is​ much more to​ it​ than this .​
It's one thing to​ know the​ what,​ though product selection is​ important,​ yet an​ entirely different issue to​ look honestly at​ yourself for the​ who.
Long gone are the​ days on​ the​ Internet where you could pick up a​ product from a​ supplier or​ wholesaler who did not have a​ presence on​ the​ Internet to​ sell their products .​
These days,​ virtually all companies,​ literally selling any and every type of​ product imaginable,​ have some form of​ web presence,​ from limited to​ grand-scale .​
Even the​ mom and pop shops do regular business on​ eBay...and are making a​ LOT of​ money .​
This has given rise to​ the​ advent of​ what I​ term the​ easy Internet .​
Just about everyone is​ eeking out some form of​ subsistence on​ the​ Internet by pitching this or​ selling that .​
This dilution of​ opportunities has made making money on​ the​ Internet a​ little more difficult for one just starting out .​
Making money,​ and LOTS of​ it​ is​ still very do-able .​
Take heart,​ press forward because the​ answer may be in​ front of​ your eyes...right now! Not just in​ front of​ your eyes,​ but,​ more importantly,​ behind them as​ well.
I am surprised at​ the​ number of​ people who are seemingly satisfied working their 8 hour days for a​ small percentage of​ what they are really worth in​ financial terms .​
I​ call this the​ matrix mentality .​
In this view,​ we​ are born for a​ specific career purpose that is​ controlled by someone other than ourselves,​ and we​ accept this purpose and live our lives according to​ some list of​ expectations that are placed upon us .​
We remain,​ as​ it​ were,​ in​ the​ box,​ contained,​ pre-destined,​ dry...and then one day,​ some of​ us wake up to​ who we​ really are and begin developing some basic financial goals and seeing what our own personal earnings potential might be .​
Worth,​ in​ this case,​ may be summarized as​ follows: Worth,​ financially speaking,​ is​ the​ amount of​ earnings potential that resides within you given your unique set of​ interests,​ skills,​ and abilities,​ regardless of​ what you believe about yourself,​ whether from internal or​ external sources,​ from past to​ present .​
There is​ not a​ day that goes by that this idea does not challenge me to​ accomplish even greater things with my online businesses.
A consideration of​ personal worth,​ aside from sounding insincere and crass,​ and notwithstanding one's personality and humanity,​ confronts the​ very core values of​ both the​ intellect and motivation .​
Truly,​ it​ does! Much has been written about this topic in​ recent years,​ so without digressing too much,​ this writer leaves the​ heady research and resulting capitulation to​ the​ self-proclaimed experts,​ their ghost writers and assistants .​
The core values of​ intellect and motivation guide us through our daily lives .​
To prove this,​ ask yourself a​ few of​ the​ following questions and physically journal your answers.
Who am I​ in​ my career?
Do I​ have a​ career purpose?
What is​ my career purpose?
Am I​ discontent with my present earnings?
Am I​ committed to​ doing what is​ necessary to​ obtain a​ better career with better earning's potential?
Am I​ willing to​ commit to​ changing my career path to​ make better money?
What product or​ service do I​ already know about that could be an​ idea with which to​ make money?
Through this simple exercise,​ you may learn volumes about yourself .​
The answers,​ for many of​ you,​ may not be easy .​
You may even be tempted to​ respond to​ them with a​ matrix mentality .​
I​ encourage you to​ spend some time with this exercise to​ determine what is​ important to​ you and/or to​ awaken at​ least a​ small desire to​ have better understanding about who you are and what direction you may want to​ consider on​ your path to​ higher earnings.
So,​ where should you go from this moment? By the​ fact that you are reading this article,​ there is​ at​ least some desire for you to​ better yourself and your earnings .​
If the​ answer(s) for you were easy,​ you would already have something implemented .​
Right? Before picking a​ product,​ take some time out to​ determine who you are and how your earnings potential can be influenced by a​ proper understanding in​ this area.

Making Money The Old Fashioned Way Or What

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