Making Money Its All In The Mind

Making Money Its All In The Mind 1

Making Money: It’s All In the​ Mind.
Whether you are strapped for cash in​ the​ lunch queue,​ trying to​ find a​ tax break,​ trying to​ make ends meet or​ planning your next family vacation,​ you will understand that money is​ important .​
There are various beliefs in​ our modern day culture that ‘money is​ the​ root to​ all evil,​ and that ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’ .​
I​ can see what the​ people that say these types of​ things mean and to​ some extent understand where they are coming from .​
However I​ don’t subscribe to​ their way of​ thinking .​
Why? Well because I​ believe that if​ you manage your money well then it​ can’t manage you .​
In today’s world,​ being rich is​ not that difficult,​ however staying happy and content with your new found riches is​ another story .​
We live in​ a​ society today where the​ rich just get richer,​ the​ average households disposable income is​ going up and what with the​ internet; we​ can get all the​ information that we​ want and need at​ the​ click of​ a​ button .​
I​ have made my money just like a​ lot of​ others,​ online .​
This is​ now an​ industry where you need to​ plan well to​ make money and is​ not as​ easy as​ it​ was 10 years ago,​ having said that it​ still beats 8 hours of​ hard labour per day,​ earning money for your employer as​ well as​ yourself .​
To me making money is​ all in​ the​ mind .​
When we​ are children we​ are conditioned by are parents and the​ people around us,​ how we​ should feel about money .​
We would be told things like ‘I can’t afford that’,​ ‘I am always penniless’ and ‘money doesn’t grow on​ trees you know!’ Next time you catch yourself saying the​ first one of​ these sayings – say to​ yourself – ‘how am I​ going to​ afford this?’ this ultimately is​ asking your mind for an​ answer instead of​ giving it​ a​ statement .​
In fact what you are actually doing is​ using the​ best computer (your brain) to​ work out a​ solution,​ instead of​ just writing yourself off with a​ chuck away ‘I can’t afford it’ comment .​
It you are serious about changing your mindset towards money and you want to​ start using your brain to​ achieve the​ goals and dreams that you deserve then I​ would recommend that you try hypnosis and self hypnosis .​
Start with a​ hypnosis download or​ recording and let the​ results speak for themselves .​
If you have the​ astuteness to​ decide that my advice is​ worth taking then I​ wish you the​ best of​ luck in​ your newfound success!

Making Money Its All In The Mind

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