Making Money In A Wired World

Making Money In A Wired World

There are many people that make many outrageous claims online on​ how to​ making money online and a​ dozen work at​ home scams are rolled out every week. This article cuts through the​ online hype and explores three ways that you can make money in​ a​ wired world using traditional brick and mortar concepts.

Offer an​ offline service online

There are many services that can be provided online via a​ digital medium. One example of​ this is​ online transcription services. This service involves a​ transcriber taking the​ digital minutes of​ meetings and converting it​ into notes for minutes. the​ advantage of​ the​ web is​ that you can do your work from anywhere on​ the​ planet and get paid online. However,​ the​ best ways to​ start out in​ this industry is​ to​ signup with freelance websites where you can ensure you get paid once your provide the​ service. Rentacoder or​ elance are great websites to​ get started.

Sell your things on​ ebay

Have you ever had an​ idea of​ a​ product that you wanted to​ sell but did not know whether it​ would take off? Most businesses start small and ebay is​ an​ excellent way to​ test your choice of​ products and determine if​ the​ price that you intend to​ sell it​ for will make you money. Spend some time examining the​ way top sellers write their listings both in​ terms of​ their content of​ the​ listing and also the​ title of​ each bid and also learn how they take pictures of​ the​ products sold.

Internet based franchise

The idea of​ Franchises is​ not new but with the​ fast development of​ the​ internet,​ their growth potential is​ maximized. an​ excellent resource to​ determine if​ the​ next franchise is​ for you is​ where you can do some reading and research. Some notable internet based franchise provide solutions such as​ data storage and recovery which can be provided online and your job would be to​ do business development.

In conclusion,​ the​ brick and mortar mindset can be equally applied to​ making money online if​ you look hard enough. Opportunities abound today if​ you take some effort to​ take massive action. 2007 All Rights Reserved

Making Money In A Wired World

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