Making Money In Real Estate

Making Money in​ Real Estate
WARNING: This single step can double your real estate investing income in​ the​ next 90 days .​

Decide on​ your target market
Determine what your target market will be .​
I​ know from experience that it​ is​ really easy to​ want to​ do EVERYTHING: Foreclosures,​ probate,​ absentee owners,​ abandoned properties,​ tax liens,​ lease options,​ and the​ list goes on​ and on! But,​ to​ be a​ successful real estate investor and to​ really make money in​ real estate,​ you’ve got to​ focus! Drill an​ inch wide and a​ mile deep!
Let me guess,​ you heard a​ teleseminar on​ short sales and you wanted to​ dive in! Then,​ you buy the​ probate home study course you just found online!
I am guilty of​ this! I​ went to​ a​ 3 day real estate training several years ago .​
Every single strategy,​ technique or​ tactic that was taught was it! So,​ promptly upon leaving,​ I​ decided to​ try everything all at​ once… the​ thing about this is​ that we’re so often looking for the​ magic pill,​ and unfortunately,​ no such elixir exists in​ real estate .​
Believe me .​
I​ understand your frustration when everything seems to​ contradict everything else .​
So,​ I’m going to​ clear things up for you! You don’t have to​ do everything in​ real estate .​
You have to​ do one or​ two things well .​
So,​ perhaps you work with foreclosures and within the​ probate system for your real estate investing focus .​
You become the​ expert in​ those areas .​
You learn one market and how to​ negotiate,​ overcome objections,​ solve problems that come up and so forth .​
I​ systematized it​ and then move on​ to​ the​ next market and let the​ system run on​ autopilot .​
So,​ first things first…
1 .​
Pick your niche:
Foreclosures,​ probate,​ absentee owners,​ MLS,​ abandoned properties,​ farming neighborhoods,​ tax liens,​ code violations,​ etc.
2 .​
Determine your method of​ communication:
Direct mail,​ driving for dollars,​ telemarketing or​ mass media advertising
3 .​
Set your real estate marketing budget:
Figure out how much you are going to​ spend per campaign .​
a​ campaign is​ not a​ monthly budget .​
Keep in​ mind a​ real estate marketing campaign is​ not necessarily a​ monthly budget .​
You may spend $100 one month and $500 the​ next simply because of​ what marketing tactics you are using.
4 .​
Implement your plan – and stick to​ it! You’ve got to​ commit to​ your real estate marketing or​ else you’ll be throwing money out the​ front door rather than really making money in​ real estate! Be patient and stay in​ for the​ long haul and the​ deals will come .​
Just remember that real estate marketing is​ an​ investment into your real estate business and constant investment results in​ a​ constant stream of​ income.

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