Making Money From Clickbank The One Simple Trick

Making Money From Clickbank The One Simple Trick

So how do you actually make money from Clickbank? One of​ the​ most popular methods has to​ be combining Adwords and Clickbank but that’s already passé especially with the​ Google slap already ‘slapping’…

I’m assuming you’ve already researched a​ niche and found a​ product or​ products to​ promote. if​ you haven’t already done so,​ please do that. Once you’ve done that,​ create a​ ‘landing page’ that pre-sells the​ product.

This is​ a​ must-do. in​ this page (and you should keep it​ short),​ bring out the​ 3 biggest benefit of​ the​ product and create an​ opt-in form. if​ you’re selling a​ dog training product you could list out points like

:: Train your dog up to​ 10 new tricks per day using just 5 minutes with this ‘secret’ obedience model

:: Potty training that is​ guaranteed to​ work! No more stinky and stained furniture!

:: Your friends will wonder in​ amazement and scratch their heads wondering how you managed to​ train your dog to​ such obedience (not to​ mention the​ tricks) in​ just a​ matter of​ days!

Of course,​ theses are just a​ few examples of​ what you could include in​ your landing page. I’m sure you can come up with many other better examples. Remember to​ include an​ opt-in box that re-directs them to​ the​ sales page once they opted in.

This is​ the​ crux of​ the​ ‘secret’. Start pumping out articles and submit it​ to​ as​ many article directories. I would say write an​ article a​ day and mass submit it​ so it​ works out to​ around 30 articles a​ month. Include a​ link to​ your landing page in​ the​ author resource area.

Keep this up and you’ll have a​ steady stream of​ traffic and sales coming in. Now this is​ where the​ fun begins,​ set your articles to​ be displayed to​ them on​ your auto-responder.

You can promote other dog training related products at​ the​ end of​ each article.

There’s no additional work,​ just load the​ articles you’ve already written into the​ auto responder and your prospects will be exposed to​ your quality content and offers over and over again!

This really is​ an​ easy way to​ build a​ super targeted list and get a​ stead flow of​ sales from Clickbank!

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