Magazine Subscriptions Smart Shopping Or Waste Of Money

Magazine Subscriptions: Smart Shopping Or Waste Of Money?
As one of​ the​ many postcards embedded between the​ pages of​ the​ magazine you’re reading falls to​ the​ floor you notice the​ usual sales jargon about the​ huge savings you’ll receive by making at​ least a​ one year commitment and purchasing a​ subscription to​ their particular magazine .​
To further entice you they might even promise that you can buy now and pay later.
Whether or​ not purchasing that particular magazine subscription is​ smart shopping for you can be dependent on​ how often you buy a​ particular magazine at​ the​ newsstand,​ and the​ pricing amongst other things.
Publishers need to​ sell as​ many magazine subscriptions as​ possible,​ but not for the​ reasons that you may think .​
While publishers do generate income from selling magazine subscriptions,​ the​ bulk of​ their revenue comes from the​ advertising they sell to​ marketers eager to​ spread their message to​ as​ many consumers as​ possible .​
The higher a​ magazines circulation (the amount of​ readers they have) the​ more they are able to​ charge advertisers.
For this reason Magazine subscriptions are especially important to​ publishers as​ they are never completely sure of​ how well a​ particular issue will do at​ the​ newsstand .​
Readers may not like the​ cover; the​ stories may seem uninteresting,​ in​ certain months of​ the​ year sales get sluggish as​ people are reading less,​ etc .​
Subscriptions are pre-sold and can be relayed to​ potential advertisers as​ such who will be charged accordingly.
It becomes understandable while publishers work hard to​ increase the​ amount of​ magazine subscriptions sold .​
They must work diligently to​ keep circulation numbers high or​ risk losing money .​
Whether or​ not you should ignore the​ postcards or​ unending number of​ renewal notices really depends .​
You may want to​ think about purchasing a​ magazine subscription if​ 2 or​ more of​ the​ following applies to​ you:
Frequency: You Purchase the​ Magazine on​ a​ Regular Basis:
In general magazine subscriptions are highly discounted in​ comparison to​ the​ prices charged at​ newsstands .​
Buying a​ subscription can easily save you up to​ 90% off the​ cover price (newsstand price) .​
For example,​ if​ you were to​ purchase Penthouse Magazine every month for one year it​ would cost you $99.55 .​
However,​ the​ current Penthouse Magazine subscription rate is​ only $19.95 .​
By purchasing a​ subscription you save about $80 or​ approximately $81% off the​ cover price.
The same is​ true for popular woman’s magazine Cosmopolitan .​
The current cover price if​ paid by the​ month is​ $42,​ compared to​ a​ subscription to​ Cosmopolitan Magazine is​ only $18,​ a​ savings of​ 57%.
The frequency of​ which you purchase magazine is​ the​ key indicator of​ whether or​ not a​ subscription is​ cheaper for you .​
If you only purchase Penthouse Magazine once or​ twice per year,​ it​ isn’t cost effective at​ all.
You Like Free Things
Whose eyes don’t light up when they see the​ word FREE? Publishers are well aware of​ this and some have been known to​ give away free items like tote bags,​ calendars,​ clocks,​ tents and more .​
Though they are generally not the​ most expensive items it​ is​ a​ way for the​ publishers to​ say thank you.
If you are uninterested in​ free knick knacks,​ how about free subscriptions? Some publishers have been known to​ provide either a​ second year at​ no price or​ extra issues in​ without cost to​ further entice would be subscribers.
You want your Magazines ASAP!
One of​ the​ perks of​ purchasing a​ magazine subscription is​ that you’ll get the​ most current issue before it​ even hits the​ newsstands .​
Magazine subscription labels are in​ general printed up 2-3 months in​ advance .​
When the​ latest issue is​ hot off the​ presses it​ isn’t long before they are delivered to​ the​ mailboxes of​ subscribers .​
Monthly magazines tend to​ arrive about 2 weeks before the​ cover date .​
Weekly magazines have less lead time but still beat the​ issues to​ the​ stands.
You Want More for Your Money
If huge savings and getting the​ subscriptions before anyone else doesn’t convince you publishers like to​ keep one more weapon in​ their arsenals .​
Those who purchase their magazine subscriptions are eligible for subscriber only info .​
This can be in​ the​ form of​ small gifts but often publishers have a​ members or​ subscribers only section of​ their websites .​
Once there,​ subscribers can find more in​ depth articles and features that might have been cut from the​ print edition due to​ space limitations,​ photos,​ contests and more.
You Are Limited on​ Time
Let’s face it,​ most of​ use are very busy and want things as​ convenient as​ possible .​
You may not have the​ time to​ go out every month and hunt down your favorite magazines .​
When you do have the​ time you may find out the​ newsstand has sold out if​ the​ magazine published a​ particularly popular issue.
In most cases we​ pay far more for the​ sake of​ convenience .​
Magazines might be the​ one business where you pay less for someone to​ make things easier on​ us.

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