Learning The Value Of Money

Learning The Value Of Money

Learning the​ Value of​ Money
This article describes how my father taught me the​ value of​ money and​ at​ ​ the​ same time also showed me how to​ reach and​ attain the​ goals I​ ​ had in​ my life.
I have a​ friend called Peter and​ for his seventeenth birthday his parents bought him a​ very impressive car which would have cost them around £2000 .​

He was very happy and​ showed off this car to​ all of​ his friends including myself .​

at ​ this stage he was unable to​ even drive,​ however it​ was still a​ great present to​ receive.
Peter lived a​ couple of​ doors away from me and​ I​ ​ showed my father the​ car and​ stated that I​ ​ would love a​ car for my seventeenth birthday which was only three weeks away .​

He responded with words like,​ I​ ​ bet you would .​

Despite this remark I​ ​ felt sure that he would purchase a​ car for me as​ he certainly could have afforded to,​ in​ my opinion anyway.
My birthday arrived but no car was presented to​ me,​ the​ main present I​ ​ received was a​ pair of​ trainers .​

I ​ must admit even though I​ ​ now feel embarrassed to​ say it,​ that I​ ​ was quite disappointed.
Around eight months later,​ I​ ​ managed to​ pass my driving test and​ my father was very pleased and​ congratulated me on​ my success .​

I ​ told him that I​ ​ was very happy,​ however,​ what was the​ point of​ passing my test if​ ​ I​ ​ had no car to​ drive .​

He seemed to​ agree but two months later he still had not bought me a​ car.
It was now nearing my eighteenth birthday and​ my father asked me what I​ ​ would like for my birthday .​

He explained that your eighteenth is​ a​ special birthday and​ that he would be spending slightly more on​ me this year .​

I ​ told him that I​ ​ would like a​ car and​ he started laughing .​

Despit this I​ ​ felt sure that he would oblige.
My birthday arrived and​ yet again no car,​ the​ main present I​ ​ received was a​ watch,​ a​ very nice watch I​ ​ must add but again I​ ​ was disappointed.
I waited a​ further two months and​ then decided to​ use the​ head on​ approach .​

I ​ went to​ talk to​ my father and​ told him that I​ ​ needed a​ car .​

He agreed so I​ ​ asked him,​ so what are we​ going to​ do then? if​ ​ you want a​ car,​ go and​ buy a​ car,​ he responded .​

I ​ pointed out to​ him that I​ ​ was spending per week more than I​ ​ was earning,​ socialising,​ buying clothes etc .​

He stated that I​ ​ really wanted a​ car that I​ ​ would make sacrifices to​ get it​ but also stated that whatever I​ ​ saved he would match.
This very much annoyed me at​ ​ the​ time,​ but something I​ ​ am now grateful for as​ it​ has taught me that if​ ​ you want something,​ you have to​ work hard and​ make sacrifices to​ obtain it.

Learning The Value Of Money

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