Law Of Attraction Increase Your Mind Power Over Money

Law Of Attraction Increase Your Mind Power Over Money

In order to​ fully master the​ law of​ attraction one must become aware of​ how the​ mind works in​ relation to​ our physical reality. the​ mind is​ the​ power station for all our experiences.

The mind can be compared to​ the​ hard drive of​ a​ computer. it​ stores all the​ impressions that you experience throughout your life time. Whatever you may have witness while growing up with your parents,​ the​ stories that others have shared with you,​ all these are impressions that are held in​ the​ mind. Whether those impressions are good or​ seemingly bad they remain in​ the​ mind of​ the​ individual and influences that person’s experience of​ life.

How you experience money is​ directly influenced by the​ information you have been fed about money and became stored in​ your mind. One of​ the​ hardest applications of​ the​ law of​ attraction is​ in​ trying to​ attract more money. Most people can attest to​ having a​ very hard time in​ attracting the​ amount they desire. However,​ if​ you understand how the​ mind works you can then learn to​ over ride whatever impressions that are blocking you from attracting what you desire.

Self Inquiry

To truly gain results with the​ law of​ attraction you must learn to​ examine yourself. See yourself and your thoughts as​ a​ massive amusement park,​ be excited to​ explore yourself. the​ more you investigate the​ reason behind your feelings and the​ actions that you take the​ more self control you will begin to​ develop. Before you can take the​ steps to​ change any part of​ yourself you need to​ first be aware of​ your actions and the​ reason behind your actions. No one else can do that for you!

Get a​ journal and begin questioning yourself:

  • What are your thoughts about money?
  • What feelings come into your body when you think of​ my present financial situations?
  • How do you feel about your financial future?
  • What was your first impression you had of​ money?

    How to​ Apply Mental Training

    One of​ the​ biggest failures in​ applying the​ law of​ attraction is​ the​ inability to​ train the​ mind on​ a​ consistent basis. an​ untrained mind has very little magnetic power to​ attract. Even just a​ few minutes a​ day will build up magnetic mental power that takes much less effort to​ attract than a​ mind that has not been trained.

    See mental training like the​ training of​ your physical body. the​ more you train your body the​ better it​ performs and the​ more power it​ has.

    Inner and Outer Training

    In order to​ attract more money,​ more freedom it’s necessary to​ train the​ mind to​ also see it​ in​ your present environment. It’s very easy for most people to​ make a​ study of​ poverty and to​ complain about their own financial woes but very rarely do people draw the​ impression of​ wealth into their mind. if​ you just sit for a​ few moments and observe the​ lifestyles of​ those who are successful at​ attracting wealth you will slowly find your old impressions beginning to​ change. the​ mind will receive those impressions and slowly begin to​ replace the​ old worn out impression you have of​ money that do not work.

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