Law Of Attraction How To Create A Powerful Money Portal

Does the​ law of​ attraction really work when it​ comes to​ attracting more money? That’s the​ question on​ the​ minds of​ lots of​ people. Sure it​ does work but there are rules and secrets to​ attracting money that will change the​ flow of​ money in​ your direction once you know how it​ all works.

Right now you may be feeling scared,​ frustrated,​ or​ just stuck. There is​ a​ whole wide world of​ possibilities to​ be lived and experienced but it’s all out of​ your reach because you are short on​ money. Well so you think anyway. None of​ what you believe about money is​ really true even the​ belief that you need money to​ live the​ life that you want.

to​ Begin with Forget all the​ Money Affirmations

I know all the​ gurus tell you that money affirmations will change you mind. Money affirmation will help you to​ attract more money. Many of​ those gurus made money telling you this nonsense. You know its nonsense also because you are still reading this article instead of​ spending the​ money you should have had from using those money affirmations.

Putting all jokes aside there is​ a​ powerful way of​ attracting and it​ requires that you first become aware of​ yourself; your very own nature as​ a​ magnet. When you become aware of​ your own inner void and how to​ use your divine center you can suck money or​ anything you desire to​ you. the​ law of​ attraction will become a​ game to​ you. Your ability to​ manifest will increase.

<The Money Portal is​ You

You can get the​ law of​ attraction to​ bring you what you desire when you learn how to​ draw intense magnetic power towards you first. That is​ the​ true secret. First you become magnetic then you draw what you want.

Think of​ a​ magnet and how it​ draws metals from all various angles. it​ does not draw from one side alone,​ it​ magnetically attracts from several sides and it​ does so very fast. it​ is​ irresistible to​ all other forms of​ metal.

That is​ the​ true secret to​ applying the​ law of​ attraction. Most people have the​ law of​ attraction in​ reverse. You must first become the​ portal for raw power. It’s a​ cosmic power so great that you can manifest anything.

Imagine being able to​ charge yourself that you become irresistible to​ all the​ things that you want. Applying the​ law of​ attraction will then become easier. There will be no struggle when you create a​ desire because that desire will desire you.

Money will Desire to​ Move Towards You

If you understand the​ nature of​ energy you will understand that all things are alive in​ the​ universe,​ including the​ things we​ consider dead. Energy can never be destroyed; it​ is​ always moving and changing form. Money is​ also energy. as​ you become more magnetic money will follow you. You will not chase money,​ rather it​ will find its way to​ you easily. the​ law of​ attraction will become a​ game to​ you.

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