Law Of Attraction Are They Killing Your Money Flow

Learn what one man shared with me about the​ biggest money killer in​ is​ life. This is​ extremely important to​ your acquiring money or​ anything else for that matter.

One of​ the​ biggest obstacles many of​ us have in​ this life is​ in​ dealing with the​ opinions of​ others. It’s bad enough that you have your own fears and doubts but when you add that to​ the​ negative thoughts and words form others it​ can be detrimental in​ your ability to​ manifest what you want.

I met a​ man many years ago who told me a​ story about his first try at​ starting his business. it​ had been is​ life long dream to​ have his own business and he had been preparing and planning for it​ for many years.

When he first begin his business he was dating a​ woman who wanted to​ get married to​ him. in​ all appearances he seemed to​ be doing very well. in​ the​ beginning his business did very well,​ his client base was increasing daily and he could not be happier. Then it​ happened,​ all of​ a​ sudden he began to​ do very poorly. He began to​ loose clients quickly and somehow a​ dark gloomy cloud seemed to​ hover over his affairs.

He could not pin point what was happening but it​ seem like a​ super natural force had taken over his life. the​ reality was that there was something killing his financial flow and blocking his ability to​ attract more wealth.

This doom an​ gloom took over his whole body and it​ began to​ affect the​ relationship he was in​ until it​ came to​ a​ quick end.

Shortly after the​ relationship broke apart he business once again took an​ upward sing and the​ change was rapid. What could be the​ cause of​ that? He wondered to​ himself. What has so dramatically blocked his ability to​ attract the​ abundance that he was once again getting?

Being a​ very reflective man he began to​ inquire about what had changed in​ his life to​ cause the​ change. On further reflection it​ occurred to​ him that the​ woman in​ his life did not want him to​ be as​ successful as​ he was now getting.

Looking back he realized that every single night she complaining to​ him that money was not that important and that he should just maintain a​ small client base.

She was filled with fear that he could become too busy to​ spend time with her and also fearful that he would become too wealthy and no longer want her.

She bombarded his mind daily with these worried and in​ time those thoughts really affected his ability to​ manifest the​ sort of​ wealth that he was trying so hard to​ build for the​ both of​ them.

Not everyone has the​ insight to​ examine the​ people who block us form attracting the​ things that we​ want in​ life. Not everyone will have success with the​ law of​ attraction for this simple reason. we​ don’t realize that we​ don’t create on​ our own we​ are always being influenced by those around us.

It’s the​ reason most wealthy people will tell you that in​ order to​ manifesting what you really want in​ life you must be in​ the​ presence of​ like minded people who will also life you up.

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