Law Of Attraction 5 Reason Why Money Is So Hard To Attract

Law Of Attraction 5 Reason Why Money Is So Hard To Attract

Recently someone ask the​ question,​ “why is​ money so very hard to​ attract?” Lots of​ people who discover the​ laws of​ attraction want to​ know the​ answer to​ that very question. Many more people will continue to​ have a​ very hard time at​ trusting the​ law of​ attraction for the​ very reason that they are not able to​ manifest money as​ they would like.

1. You Want it​ tooo Much

Yes,​ that’s right! the​ mere fact that you want money makes you repel that money. the​ more you want something the​ more you activate the​ law of​ attraction to​ further push it​ away from you. When you want something desperately you are at​ a​ place of​ lack,​ emptiness and with out. There are many ancient techniques that can move you out of​ that feeling of​ emptiness to​ where you begin to​ energetically empower yourself to​ draw a​ phenomenal amount of​ magnetic power to​ you. These techniques although simple are extremely effective in​ making you a​ powerful magnet.

2. You Have Not Learned How to​ be Abundant

Learning how to​ be abundant is​ necessary to​ activating the​ law of​ attraction in​ your favor. Before you can be abundant you have to​ be able to​ see abundance all around you. You have to​ change your perspective on​ life and your present reality. if​ you are thinking and feeling that the​ universe is​ scarce then it​ is​ more than likely that what you seen of​ the​ universe and scarcely will be reflected in​ how you manifest money to​ you.

3. You Have Placed Money Above You

Few people will admit to​ doing so but most everyone has made money a​ huge priority in​ their life. it​ isn’t that money is​ not a​ priority but there is​ something which is​ way beyond money. the​ moment you become aware that your own divine self is​ far more powerful than money you will continue to​ struggle in​ attracting more of​ it. Those who are aware of​ their divine nature have an​ easier time of​ applying the​ laws of​ attraction to​ bring them more money or​ anything a​ lot faster.

4. You Don’t Really Want Money

If a​ survey were to​ be taken more people than not would say the​ same sing,​ “I don’t really want a​ lot of​ money,​ I just want to​ have enough.” it​ amazes me that so many people who work diligently at​ trying to​ understand the​ law of​ attraction will easily say that they don’t really want a​ lot of​ money. is​ it​ any wonder that few people will ever really attract a​ large amount of​ money. the​ laws of​ attraction are quite on​ target with that inner feeling of​ conflict and will manifest exactly that resistance you have towards money

5. You Can’t Take Money as​ a​ Joke

One thing which is​ quite common to​ those who have manifested large fortunes in​ their life is​ that they moved beneath the​ pressure of​ making money. to​ move beyond money you need to​ see and feel money as​ a​ game. Making money should become a​ wonderful feeling of​ joy rather than a​ struggle of​ pain and suffering. if​ you learn to​ have fun with making money the​ law of​ attraction will reward you by bringing you much more.

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