Law Of Attraction 3 Reason Why He Could Not Attract More Money And Why You May Not Also

Law Of Attraction 3 Reason Why He Could Not Attract More Money And Why
You May Not Also

A few months ago a​ man desperately contacted me asking,​ “How can I get the​ law of​ attraction to​ work for me fast?” He was very desperate,​ he had just lost his job,​ was about to​ be thrown out of​ his apartment and had no family. I could feel his nervousness and anxiety and I could feel that he was willing to​ try anything to​ make his life work.

He kept saying,​ “I have applied the​ law of​ attraction and it’s just not working for me. Why is​ it​ not working for me?” After deeper exploration with him we​ both discovered three very important key ingredients that were dramatically preventing him from successfully getting the​ results he wanted with the​ law of​ attraction.

1.) One question I asked him which came as​ a​ surprise to​ him was,​ “How do you spend your free time?” to​ his mind it​ hadn’t anything to​ do with applying the​ law of​ attraction,​ despite his apprehension he told me of​ his best friend who had been home sick for a​ few years and had not been working. Sine he also was now out of​ work the​ two of​ them had spend much time together talking about life and all the​ frustrations that came with being out of​ work.

Apparently he did not seem to​ realize that while engaging in​ his friends frustrations he was also locking himself into the​ same sort of​ attraction as​ his friend.

2.) When I brought it​ to​ his attention that he had been focusing a​ lot of​ attention on​ lack of​ money and lack of​ work and this was causing his failed efforts in​ gaining results with the​ law of​ attraction he leaped in​ and said that he visualizes what he wants everyday for five minutes.

Once again he proved not to​ understand the​ science behind the​ law of​ attraction which is,​ that the​ greater amount of​ focus to​ anything would determine his attraction. Since he spent only five minutes on​ what he desired but his entire day on​ the​ things he did not desire he continued to​ get more of​ what he did not desire.

He did not seem to​ understand that it​ did not matter if​ he was just talking about it​ with his friend,​ watching it​ on​ television and being filled with anxiety as​ he watched,​ it​ was all an​ attraction.

3.) “So how do I focus more on​ something that is​ not there yet?” Surround yourself by it,​ I told him. Since you are not working and you desire to​ attract more money and a​ better life spend more of​ your time with people who are happy with what they are doing. Reduce the​ time you see and speak of​ the​ things which remind you of​ poverty,​ failure and lack. in​ fact limit the​ time you spend with your friend until you can make the​ changes that you want. the​ law of​ attraction will reward you for it.

To successfully apply the​ law of​ attraction it​ takes pre creating what you want. That simply means that you must first energize yourself to​ the​ same level of​ the​ thing you want to​ attract in​ your life.

Sometimes that means also cutting out the​ people or​ places that are in​ opposition to​ what you want to​ have. Its not always easy but there are tools that can dramatically shift your energy even if​ you find it​ had to​ do or​ are down and out in​ a​ deep or​ dark depression.

Law Of Attraction 3 Reason Why He Could Not Attract More Money And Why
You May Not Also

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