Its True A Shopping Centre That Gives You Moneyback

Its True A Shopping Centre That Gives You Moneyback

Imagine the​ biggest shopping centre you can,​ filled with all your favourite retailers. Now imagine that every time you bought something in​ this shopping centre,​ the​ shop assistants gave you some Money Back!

Welcome to​ the​ newest concept in​ online shopping - Money Back Shopping - where you get Money Back every time you shop online. These sites simply share affiliate advertising commission with their members,​ through tracked online purchases.

Here's the​ facts - Online shopping is​ set to​ quadruple by 2020,​ when it​ will account for almost 40% of​ all UK retail sales,​ up from just 2% in​ 2002. According to​ a​ recent report from the​ price comparison service,​ uSwitch,​ internet sales will reach £40bn this year,​ accounting for some 15% of​ overall retail sales.

Just imagine how much you could save if​ you were a​ part of​ this innovative way of​ shopping online... Money Back sites are an​ exciting new concept and are here for YOU to​ save even more money on​ your online spending.

You will generally find most of​ the​ major UK high street retailers on​ these sites,​ but equally exciting,​ there are also hundreds of​ specialist shops featured on​ these sites that you would never even know existed. For example,​ I know of​ a​ site specialising in​ cat flaps and another one specialising in​ designer clothes for pets!

To help you save even more money,​ Money Back sites also offer you further discounts with voucher codes,​ competitions and you can even earn free money for simply just searching for products and services.

Most Money Back sites also have lively forums,​ where members can get to​ know each other,​ exhange tips and advice on​ money saving and also post the​ latest deals they have found on​ the​ site,​ which of​ course they get money back on​ too!

Payments are sent to​ members monthly by cheque,​ although some money back sites are now offering more modern forms of​ payment including paypal and BACS.

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