Isnt It Time That You Claimed Your Long Lost Money

Isn't It Time That You Claimed Your Long Lost Money
Where do the​ billion and billions of​ unclaimed dollars all come from > Each and every year hundreds of​ thousands of​ individuals across the​ United States and Canada ,​ leave their friends ,​ family relatives and birthplace to​ follow a​ dream m start another life and to​ consequently relocate.
The reasons they leave home are as​ varied as​ there are people who do! But one thing is​ certain; those who move away are looking towards the​ future .​
Not to​ the​ past .​
In turn many thousands lose contact either by chance or​ by choice with the​ passing of​ time.
Our forever changing society has resulted in​ the​ fact that most people do not have the​ slightest idea who,​ where most of​ their relatives are! Think of​ it! Do you personally know all of​ your relatives? That includes aunts,​ great- aunts,​ uncles and great-uncles,​ half- brothers and sisters,​ grandparents,​ great-grandparents etc etc .​
The answer for most people is​ an​ unequivocal now.
Grandparents generally have some sketchy ideas about the​ long-range past,​ but if​ one asks for information regarding missing or​ l long lost relatives it​ never comes up .​
And once the​ grandparents are gone chances are that you will never know.
So why is​ all this important? Because lost works both ways .​
Either you have long lost relatives or​ you yourself are a​ lost relative if​ someone who would like to​ get in​ touch with you .​
It could well mean – untold wealth that is​ just waiting to​ be discovered.
Imagine for a​ moment that a​ great-uncle,​ who has survived and aunt dies and has named you as​ the​ sole heir to​ his entire estate of​ 2 million dollars .​
However no one,​ including the​ great- uncle knew where you were .​
After a​ half-hearted search,​ the​ attorneys will take their fees from the​ estate and the​ balance will go to​ the​ states: unclaimed money account .​
Or if​ you reside in​ Canada to​ the​ Bank of​ Canada.
It has been estimated that over $ 250,​000,​000,​000 in​ unclaimed money is​ being held by the​ U.S.’s individual states and upward of​ $ 500,​000,​000 by the​ Banks of​ Canada.
In Canada,​ all financial institutions are required by law to​ submit the​ names and last known address of​ accounts that have been inactive for at​ least seven years .​
After that period of​ time,​ the​ financial institution has already sent out two notices .​
One is​ sent out after two years of​ inactivity,​ the​ next after five years .​
After the​ limit is​ reached all unclaimed funds are released to​ the​ Bank of​ Canada,​ but each account,​ as​ in​ the​ case of​ U.S .​
accounts remains in​ the​ name of​ the​ original holder.
In the​ United States,​ each state has a​ different standard of​ time variance,​ although many may be the​ same .​
However,​ all financial institutions including retirement funds,​ insurance companies,​ banks,​ county government offices etc are also required by law to​ report unclaimed money to​ the​ state .​
After a​ period of​ time as​ specified by law,​ the​ money is​ then turned over to​ the​ state treasury department unclaimed property division .​
In either case,​ to​ get their rightful money,​ all you need to​ do is​ locate it,​ and then ask for it.
Isn’t it​ time you claimed your long lost money?

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