Is This Mistake Keeping You From Making Money Online

Is This Mistake Keeping You From Making Money Online

I know it​ held me back for nearly two years before I finally saw it. You don't need to​ take that long :-) Learn from my mistake today and succeed.

I wanted to​ title this article the​ Ultimate Secret to​ Your Online Success. But I suspected that not many people would actually believe the​ claim. as​ I wanted as​ many people learn from it​ as​ possible,​ I settled for a​ less catchy but more believable title.

I consider what I 'discovered' the​ ultimate secret not because you can't find it​ anywhere. You can. in​ fact many successful people talk about it​ quite openly.

I do consider it​ a​ secret because it​ took me almost two years online to​ discover. it​ stared me right in​ the​ eyes the​ whole time,​ yet I couldn't see it. as​ far as​ I was concerned it​ was hidden from me.

Then after two years of​ struggling to​ make any decent income online,​ it​ was time for some deep soul searching.

I had my back against the​ wall: it​ was either turn it​ around and start making money online,​ or​ go back to​ my old career. For a​ while I also considered selling one of​ our homes,​ but my wife and I decided that this was a​ dumb idea. Selling a​ house was not going to​ solve my problem. it​ would only prolong my online agony.

What I really needed was to​ discover what I was doing wrong for the​ past two years,​ and change it. Otherwise,​ I was quite prepared to​ go back to​ my successful computer programming career. (But I just didn't like the​ idea of​ working for someone else again.)

It didn't take me long to​ discover what I was doing wrong. And this brings me to​ the​ ultimate secret:


If you have been trying to​ make money online and haven't been very successful,​ you can probably relate to​ some of​ the​ following.

While still at​ my old job,​ I discovered the​ world of​ the​ online marketing. Got quite excited about the​ possibilities.

I did some research and have invested in​ what I considered to​ be the​ best ebook on​ the​ subject.

Few months later when the​ opportunity came up (or so I thought at​ the​ time),​ I decided to​ become a​ full time online marketer. I also decided to​ specialize in​ affiliate marketing.

I really applied myself the​ first couple of​ months or​ so.

Then I discovered another great book on​ affiliate marketing. Bought it.

Then I discovered this great tool that would help you not only create great looking affiliate websites,​ but would also tell you what you needed to​ change on​ each page in​ order to​ make it​ optimized for search engines.

I really liked the​ idea,​ so I bought the​ tool.

Slowly but surely,​ I was becoming more and more confused. Which guru do I follow? All three approaches worked. But I had to​ know which one worked better (I'm very analytical by nature ;-) ... Instead of​ following one,​ I began to​ follow them all.

I lost my focus. as​ I lost focus,​ my search engine traffic stopped growing. as​ my traffic stopped growing,​ my income stopped growing as​ well. I started becoming more and more frustrated and searched for other,​ "better" ways of​ making money online.

Then I discovered that another affiliate marketer got quite successful buying ads on​ Google. I had to​ find out how. Bought that ebook too :-)

It only started getting worse from here on.

Over the​ period of​ little more than a​ year,​ I managed to​ spend thousands of​ dollars on​ various Internet marketing ebooks and courses. Most of​ them were really good. I always do a​ pretty thorough research and rarely am unlucky enough to​ buy rubbish (although it​ does happen occasionally).

The problem was not with the​ materials I bought,​ the​ problem was that I didn't apply any of​ them long enough to​ see the​ full results.

I wasn't following any one expert for long enough to​ give myself a​ fighting chance. I was too distracted. in​ short,​ I lacked FOCUS.

Affiliate marketing is​ one of​ the​ greatest opportunities on​ the​ face of​ the​ Earth. And so too are dozens of​ other methods of​ making money online. Search engines do reward with free traffic those that apply themselves diligently. Yes,​ you can make money with Google AdWords,​ if​ you stick with it​ and study it​ hard enough.

Why am I telling you all of​ this?

It certainly doesn't give me any satisfaction to​ talk about my failures. the​ only reason I wanted to​ bring this up is​ to​ make you aware of​ what you are probably doing wrong yourself.

Please learn from my mistakes. Life is​ simply too short to​ make all of​ the​ mistakes yourself.

I want to​ save you months or​ years of​ frustration. Once you waste that time,​ it's gone forever. Not to​ mention the​ financial and emotional cost.

You need FOCUS. Not just any type of​ focus. You need LASER FOCUS. if​ you look at​ a​ 40 Watt light bulb,​ all you see is​ a​ nice,​ soft light,​ probably not strong enough to​ light up an​ average size room properly. But you take the​ same 40 Watts and put it​ out of​ a​ laser gun,​ and what you will discover is​ that this FOCUSED beam of​ light can cut through various objects like a​ knife can cut through paper. Wow. Same amount of​ energy,​ different focus. LASER FOCUS.

Focus means,​ doing only one project at​ a​ time.

Focus means,​ bringing your current project to​ fruition,​ before you embark on​ another one.

Focus means you stop buying every new ebook or​ PHP script that comes out - which you often do out of​ fear of​ missing out.

Focus means unsubscribing from all ezines,​ except one or​ two that you consider the​ absolutely best ones for your particular situation.

Focus means not wasting your time surfing the​ net. at​ least not until all of​ your tasks for the​ day are completed (and even then you need to​ put a​ strict time limit on​ it).

The day you regain your focus,​ your life will change around. Mine has.

May the​ focus be with you.

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