Is Recycling A Waste Of Time Money And Energy

Most of​ us feel guilty if​ we​ do not take the​ trouble to​ wash and sort all those reusable plastics,​ papers and tins. we​ do this to​ avoid throwing them in​ the​ bin which then ends up in​ the​ landfill sites around the​ country. But how useful is​ recycling and can it​ really solve the​ "waste crisis"?

UK households generate a​ staggering thirty million tonnes of​ rubbish a​ year,​ of​ which sixty per cent comes from packaging. There has been a​ lot of​ publicity recently about waste that has been put out for recycling ending up in​ landfill sites. it​ is​ also clear that an​ increasing amount is​ being shipped to​ other countries to​ dispose of. it​ can be cheaper to​ transport it​ to​ other countries than to​ recycle it​ or​ fill up the​ landfill sites in​ the​ UK.

The European Union (EU) has recently ordered the​ citizens of​ the​ United Kingdom to​ roughly double their recycling rates by 2008. Governments across the​ European Union and America have announced plans to​ require more recycling. Unless the​ UK hits these targets,​ local council tax bills across the​ UK will soar unless local authorities hit their recycling targets to​ enable the​ UK to​ hit their targets set by the​ EU. the​ UK government already charges tax for dumping waste in​ landfill sites to​ encourage us to​ recycle more and this tax is​ due to​ increase.

This will punish local councils which continue to​ use landfills and council tax payers will pay the​ price for poor performance by not recycling themselves or​ by not having the​ facilities to​ do this. It’s therefore cheaper to​ recycle then to​ dump in​ the​ landfill sites. the​ UK currently recycles 22 per cent of​ its household waste while some other EU countries recycle more than half. the​ UK proposes cutting the​ amount of​ waste put into landfill sites from 72 per cent today to​ 25 per cent by 2020.

Some Thing to​ Think About -The Future?

- Why do we​ use all that energy recycling paper to​ save the​ trees? There is​ the​ argument that paper should be recycled so that we​ save trees and forests but we​ now grow trees just to​ produce newsprint and other items. is​ it​ a​ sustainable resource already?

- New landfills are constructed in​ the​ USA and this should happen in​ the​ UK on​ a​ large scale which would enable the​ UK to​ pipe the​ methane gas that they produce to​ local power plants supplying homes in​ a​ green and eco way.

- we​ need to​ ensure that any recycling programmes that are run are delivered effectively. That means tracing waste down the​ chain to​ its ultimate destination. Transparency should inform the​ whole waste management industry.

- if​ a​ study in​ undertaken and it​ concludes that it​ costs more to​ recycle than to​ bury the​ used and manufacture the​ new from scratch,​ then we​ could start landfills just for plastic,​ one for glass etc. then if​ we​ do run out of​ them we​ can dig them all up in​ one go for recycling. For example,​ if​ the​ throwing away of​ plastic continues and continuing oil shortages mean that it​ is​ more cost effective we​ can recycle them all at​ once by mining the​ landfills and it​ would be cheaper and easier then continuous recycling.

- at​ present,​ only an​ estimated fifteen per cent of​ UK households have access to​ kerbside collections,​ if​ they these collections do not cover glass,​ paper,​ plastic etc. then how far do you have to​ drive to​ the​ nearest recycling centre and how much do you have to​ collect at​ home to​ ensure that you are not making more damage by driving then the​ amount of​ energy you are saving by recycling? What about the​ financial cost to​ collect the​ recycling or​ to​ take it​ to​ the​ recycling centre? What about the​ energy taken to​ recycle it? is​ oil really running out? How much landfill is​ available?

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