Is It Really Worth The Money

Is It Really Worth The Money

Is It Really Worth the​ Money?
When it​ comes to​ services I​ sometimes wonder if​ the​ asking price is​ really worth it .​
I​ can usually find the​ service that I​ am looking for online .​
Then I​ have to​ look around to​ find witch one is​ going to​ give me the​ most for the​ money .​
Well I​ have found that if​ I​ go with the​ low ball guy,​ he is​ reeling me in​ for a​ huge sales pitch to​ asks me to​ spend more than I​ would with the​ high roller guy .​
Maybe that’s where I​ should have started my search.

Then again I​ wrote an​ article a​ couple of​ months ago about an​ auto repair shop that promised to​ fix my truck for $1,​000.00 .​
Fair price to​ install a​ new rear end and I​ agreed .​
2 months later I​ could not get my truck out of​ the​ shop for less then $2,​000.00 .​
They actually told me two grand or​ we​ will auction off your truck to​ pay the​ charges .​
I​ was robbed!!
I found out once again that maybe checking with a​ higher priced guy may have been a​ good idea .​
I​ am sure the​ price is​ higher because the​ put all of​ the​ add on​ stuff in​ the​ original quote .​
The quote is​ supposed to​ at​ least be close to​ the​ actual price,​ right?
The gist of​ my article is​ this .​
I​ have been in​ the​ carpet cleaning industry for almost ten years .​
We get a​ bad rap,​ no doubt about it .​
We have to​ earn the​ respect that others have spit on​ and ripped off .​
There are a​ lot of​ great cleaners out there and there are a​ few that kill the​ reputation of​ the​ entire industry.
Now we​ all have to​ make a​ living and I​ have chosen to​ make mine honestly .​
I​ may not be the​ cheapest,​ but my quotes are on​ the​ mark .​
If I​ give you a​ quote and then try to​ charge more for the​ same amount of​ work after you let me in​ .​
I​ am sure you will kick me out then or​ never call me back,​ so I​ prefer giving a​ little extra than taking what ever I​ can squeeze out of​ you.
I say go with the​ guy in​ the​ middle when it​ comes to​ choosing your service providers .​
If it​ seems to​ good to​ be true then it​ probably is​ .​
If it​ seems way too high compared to​ the​ competition then it​ probably is​ for the​ more elite or​ just plain over priced .​
Talk to​ others to​ find out whom they use and give an​ honest man the​ job.

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