Investing In Tax Liens Tax Deeds For Higher Returns

Investing In Tax Liens Tax Deeds For Higher Returns

Investing in​ Tax Liens/Tax Deeds For Higher Returns
With large numbers of​ Americans now looking for safer investments for their long term wealth building programs .​
Most want higher returns than they can get from putting their hard earned money into Bank CD's,​ many are seeking information about Tax Liens .​
Investing in​ Tax Lien/Deed certificates will enable you​ to​ realize safe,​ annualized returns all guaranteed by the​ United States Government.
The collection of​ Real Estate property taxes is​ a​ major priority in​ every taxing district in​ the​ USA,​ as​ all home owners know all to​ well .​
If a​ county were unable to​ collect those taxes in​ a​ timely ashion,​ it​ would be unable to​ provide the​ public with important services such as​ the​ police and fire departments and schools for our children .​
To avoid this problem,​ all counties in​ 26 states across the​ US will place a​ Tax Lien on​ any property with delinquent property taxes and then sells the​ delinquent tax debt to​ investors .​
The county gets their money,​ the​ tax delinquent taxpayer gets more time to​ pay their already past due property taxes and the​ investor gets a​ Real Estate secured high yielding investment.
Tax Liens are often called the​ Fort Knox of​ investments .​
Government issued Tax Lien certificates are a​ safe investment for the​ following reasons .​
The constant rise and fall of​ interest rates do not have any affect whatsoever on​ Tax Lien Certificates because the​ interest rates of​ Tax Lien Certificates are mandated by State law .​
Basically,​ you​ are investing in​ the​ Government .​
When they have collected the​ past due taxes,​ you​ will send them the​ Tax Lien certificate and in​ return they will send you​ a​ check covering the​ money you​ paid for the​ certificate plus any outstanding interest.
The ups and downs of​ the​ stock markets will have no affect whatsoever on​ the​ rate of​ return .​
Each State has a​ mandated length of​ time for the​ delinquent taxes to​ be paid .​
If they are not made current during this time period,​ the​ property is​ sold to​ pay the​ debt .​
the​ following are examples from three states showing the​ lucrative business of​ Tax Liens: 16% per year in​ all 15 counties in​ Arizona,​ 18% per year in​ all 67 counties in​ Florida,​ 50% per year in​ all 254 counties in​ Texas.
Most properties will have an​ outstanding mortgage .​
Generally,​ the​ lender will pay these delinquent taxes before it​ gets to​ the​ foreclosure stage .​
The certificates can also be sold or​ transferred at​ a​ discount before the​ due date allowing the​ investor to​ make a​ smaller profit on​ the​ certificate should there be a​ need for cash for whatever reason.
The main advantage to​ the​ new or​ smaller investor is​ that there are many thousands of​ Tax Liens/Deeds for sale at​ every budget level .​
In the​ old days,​ you​ would have to​ travel thousands of​ miles across the​ country to​ auctions if​ you​ wanted to​ buy Tax Liens/Deeds .​
Now you​ can do it​ from the​ comfort of​ your own home using the​ internet.

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