Internet Marketing Get Your Tax Money Back

Internet Marketing Get Your Tax Money Back

Tax deductions for business expenses aren’t just for large corporations. as​ an​ Internet marketer or​ online entrepreneur it​ is​ important to​ know what you​ can and cannot deduct to​ save money on​ your taxes.

People new to​ business taxes tend to​ fall into one of​ two groups. the​ first group are those people who simply don’t believe they can be eligible for tax deductions. the​ second group are those who believe anything they touch while conducting business can be written off as​ a​ business expense. Both ideas will cost you​ money; the​ former in​ lost tax money,​ the​ latter in​ IRS fines.

In general,​ the​ kinds of​ things that can be deducted deal with the​ ongoing operation of​ your business: rental costs,​ utility expenses,​ and travel expenses. Not,​ for example,​ a​ new car. Items that add permanent value to​ your business (i.e. assets) are capitalized,​ not deducted. Interests on​ mortgages or​ repair of​ computer equipment (which maintain rather than appreciate your businesses value) are deductible expenses.

If you​ use your personal vehicle for your small business you​ may be able to​ deduct repair expenses. if​ you​ have a​ room in​ your home used strictly as​ a​ home office you​ can deduct certain expenses. There are numerous ways to​ plug the​ money leaks streaming out of​ your business.

Luckily,​ the​ IRS has listed in​ detail what you​ can deduct in​ its free publication entitled,​ shockingly,​ “Business Expenses.” ( at​ fifty-eight pages it​ is​ not a​ casual read,​ but it​ has a​ good index you​ can use to​ find the​ parts relevant to​ your business.

The IRS Small Business site ( contains a​ lot of​ useful information and,​ as​ government websites go,​ is​ well put together and easy to​ navigate. From this site you​ can access practically every form needed in​ your relations with the​ IRS and even find out how to​ electronically file for free. Our tax system isn’t simple,​ but at​ least they publish the​ rules.

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