Information Can Be A Very Big Money Spinner On The Internet

Title: Information Assets

Robert Kiyoski (author of​ the​ Rich Dad Poor Dad series) explains what differentiates rich and poor people. He explains that rich people accumulate assets. His definition of​ an​ asset is​ something that produces income.

Information products are virtually free to​ create. By Sitting in​ front of​ your computer transferring your knowledge and ideas to​ words in​ a​ word processing program you can produce an​ information product. This can be done in​ a​ matter of​ days or​ hours. Traditional products can take months or​ years to​ create. Once you know the​ process of​ creating an​ information product it​ can be done again and again. Once the​ information product be it​ an​ ebook,​ an​ audio product or​ video is​ uploaded to​ a​ hosting account it​ becomes an​ asset that you own.

An asset is​ something that produces income. the​ information product can be purchased in​ unlimited numbers from the​ website it​ is​ stored on. the​ product can be purchased 24 hours a​ day 365 days a​ year. You can make money even while you sleep! Other businesses must produce additional stock once products are sold. Your website with information product loaded has infinite inventory because the​ product can be continually downloaded. it​ is​ an​ asset that can continually produce income with much lower costs compared to​ traditional businesses.

Once the​ first product is​ produced additional content in​ the​ form of​ new ebooks,​ courses or​ other information products will see increased sales. it​ is​ a​ general principle that increased content equals increased sales. Sometimes adding new content will not increase sales or​ even reduce sales. Because the​ product is​ online this can be quickly modified and changed. Adding new content can be as​ can as​ simple as​ modifying a​ sales page or​ adding content to​ existing product. By adding content you are increasing the​ amount of​ assets you control.

We are in​ the​ information age. Internet marketing is​ the​ most exciting opportunity in​ the​ history of​ entrepreneurship. Information can be developed into a​ tremendous asset producing income for you. as​ you add content by creating new products or​ additional content on​ existing products you increase the​ size of​ your assets. the​ opportunity is​ enormous. Action + Passion are the​ keys to​ success!
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