Income Taxes 24

Income Taxes 24

Income Taxes
Every year it’s the​ same thing .​
My husband and I​ argue about our income taxes .​
He works for a​ construction company and everything is​ taking care of​ for him .​
He can hand in​ his W-2 is​ and his last pay stub and all of​ this information will be there .​
He doesn’t have a​ lot of​ deductions so this is​ not something he has to​ worry about .​
I,​ however,​ have a​ lot more than that to​ deal with .​
Because I​ work from home as​ an​ independent contractor,​ I​ have to​ keep track of​ all of​ my earnings and all of​ my deductions .​
This can be quite a​ pain for me because I​ am not exactly what you​ would call organized.
For the​ last five or​ six years we have gotten a​ good amount of​ money back from our income taxes .​
I​ wasn’t working for a​ while,​ and we have a​ young daughter,​ but those things have changed .​
I​ think this year we will be lucky if​ we break even .​
I​ may even have to​ pay some money into the​ IRS for my income taxes .​
This will definitely be something new for us .​
Though we have only gotten the​ larger turns in​ the​ last couple of​ years,​ we have always got at​ least something back .​
I​ have never actually had to​ pay income taxes after my taxes have been filed.
Though I​ have money saved up in​ the​ event that I​ have to​ pay income taxes,​ there are lot of​ people who do not do this .​
There are other people who have the​ money,​ but then something unexpected comes up .​
Many times there may be an​ accident or​ a​ medical problem and people do not have enough money to​ pay their income taxes .​
If this were to​ happen to​ you,​ make sure you​ contact the​ IRS immediately to​ explain your situation .​
Don’t wait until after April 15th to​ do this .​
If you​ explain what is​ going on​ you​ may be able to​ set up a​ payment arrangement with the​ IRS,​ or​ at​ least get some sort of​ the​ extension in​ order to​ get the​ money together.
The worst thing you​ can do is​ to​ ignore your income taxes if​ you​ don’t have enough money to​ pay .​
You may have a​ perfectly logical and valid excuse for why you​ did not have enough money to​ pay your income taxes,​ but it​ isn’t going to​ help you​ if​ you​ don’t talk to​ someone .​
You may think that the​ IRS is​ difficult to​ talk to,​ but try and talk to​ them if​ they think you​ are trying to​ avoid paying your income taxes .​
You will be in​ far less trouble if​ you​ just call up and say that you​ don’t have enough,​ and you​ want to​ look at​ your options .​
In many cases,​ something can be worked out to​ benefit both parties.

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