Income Tax Return Save Money Take A Cruise

Income Tax Return Save Money Take A Cruise

Income Tax Return Save Money & Take a​ Cruise!
What do filing an​ income tax return,​ saving money and​ taking a​ cruise all have in​ common? Well,​ if​ ​ handled well,​ you​ can ‘have your cake and​ eat it​ too’! That’s right,​ you​ can save money and​ take a​ cruise by utilizing your tax return properly.
In Canada for example,​ earners have the​ opportunity to​ invest in​ an​ RRSP a​ registered retirement savings plan .​

By saving in​ an​ RRSP,​ one can minimize the​ amount of​ income tax that they must pay .​

Most employees have income tax deductions taken off their pay based on​ their income,​ marital status etc .​

the​ RRSP contribution amount actually reduces the​ ‘income’ which lowers the​ amount of​ income tax payable .​

in​ short,​ this usually means a​ healthy income tax refund cheque.
Although there is​ a​ limit as​ to​ how much one can contribute to​ an​ RRSP for tax considerations,​ the​ year’s amount can be increased if​ ​ one has not taken advantage of​ previous years’ investment limit .​

So,​ if​ ​ one takes advantage of​ this ‘topup’ the​ income tax payable is​ lower still,​ and​ the​ income tax refund increases .​

Think about it​ for just a​ minute .​

By taking advantage of​ the​ RRSP contribution limit on​ your tax return,​ you​ can save money for your retirement and​ get a​ tax refund cheque with which you​ can purchase a​ cruise vacation! How’s that for ‘having your cake and​ eating it​ too’?
Many other countries or​ states have similar programs .​

By maximizing your tax refund,​ you​ are able to​ both save and​ spend.
Of course there is​ a​ deadline for placing the​ contributions for the​ current year’s consideration .​

you​ certainly would not want to​ miss this contribution deadline .​

That would mean that you​ would have to​ wait until next year to​ take your income tax refund cruise vacation.
You have worked hard all year long .​

you​ have been given the​ opportunity to​ put your efforts to​ work for you.. .​

again .​

So save your money and​ book your fabulous cruise vacation .​

You deserve it!

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