Income Tax Form 19

Income Tax Form 19

My husband and I ​ recently started our own home based business. This is​ a​ huge change for us. My husband has kept his regular job,​ but I ​ have left my full time employment to​ try to​ get the​ business off the​ ground. There are so many things to​ learn. We are in​ a​ multilevel market business. I ​ have never sold anything in​ my life. I ​ have spent twentyfive years as​ a​ social worker. I ​ had decided that dealing with people’s mental health issues was zapping my energy,​ so we made the​ decision for me to​ stay home and start a​ business.
After several weeks of​ research we decided on​ a​ company to​ be involved with. We were both trained in​ the​ marketing techniques and we invested in​ different products and started retailing as​ well as​ sharing the​ business opportunity with others. My next door neighbor is​ a​ retired accounted. She started asking me questions about taxes. With all the​ other things I ​ was learning I ​ had not thought about what we needed to​ do about taxes. at​ my other job I ​ would get my income tax form at​ the​ end of​ the​ year and would submit the​ ez file tax return. My neighbor suggested that I ​ call her son,​ who is​ also an accountant to​ get some tax advice.
Her son was very helpful. He told me which website to​ go on​ to​ learn all about which income tax form to​ fill out and the​ time frames I ​ needed to​ follow. the​ website is​ very easy to​ use and everything that is​ needed for taxes is​ right there. the​ income tax form can be filled out online or​ you​ can print a​ copy. There are instructional booklets that can be downloaded to​ your computer or​ printed out. There was also a​ list of​ seminars that are available to​ learn what you​ need to​ know about taxes in​ regards to​ a​ small business. My friend’s son said that the​ important thing to​ remember is​ to​ save receipts on​ everything that has to​ do with the​ business so that when it​ comes time to​ file taxes you​ can take as​ many deductions as​ possible.
I have followed his advice and have placed every receipt in​ a​ file. When the​ time comes to​ fill out the​ income tax form I ​ may have to​ get additional help,​ but so far I ​ have been able to​ get my questions answered through the​ website.

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