In America There Are Two Tax Systems

In America There Are Two Tax Systems

In America There Are Two Tax Systems
In America there are two tax systems,​ one for the​ informed and one for the​ uninformed .​
Both systems are legal.
One of​ America's most famous jurists,​ Justice Learned Hand made this statement over forty years ago .​
When used today,​ one would certainly have to​ include the​ little understood world of​ Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) .​
The point I​ am making here is​ that we all need to​ keep ourselves informed about what IRA alternatives are available to​ us .​
Being uniformed about these IRA alternatives almost certainly means we are not taking full advantage of​ the​ opportunity to​ secure better returns on​ our retirement dollars.
The vast majority of​ Americans have since their (IRA's) introduction in​ 1974 allowed our IRAs and 401Ks to​ be directed by someone else,​ such as​ the​ friendly Broker and their Wall Street affiliates .​
This easygoing very passive approach let someone else do the​ work for me attitude may well have continued forever had it​ not been for the​ Wall Street crash of​ 2000 .​
With more than a​ trillion dollars lost in​ IRA and 401K equity alone,​ it​ challenged the​ very way we viewed Wall Street.
The clear fact is​ if​ we Americans had known or​ understood back in​ 1974 that our IRAs and 401K's could be used to​ purchase real estate related items like Tax Lien Certificates,​ Tax Deeds and Mortgage Notes,​ millions of​ American baby boomers would today be retiring with vast sums of​ cash and assets inside of​ their IRAs and 401Ks.
NASDAQ reported on​ March 10,​ 2018 that it​ had risen to​ 59% of​ what it​ was five years earlier! This means $100,​000.00 invested in​ NASDAQ listed companies in​ 1999 would be worth something like $59,​000.00 .​
That's very sad,​ but it’s where most Americans are today .​
Magazine,​ newspaper and television advertising campaigns have created the​ illusion to​ millions of​ Americans that those Wall Street products were the​ only financial products you​ could buy .​
This is​ not the​ fact and as​ outlined above Wall Street has not preformed too well over the​ last 30 years.
Real Estate on​ the​ other hand has out performed everything over the​ last 30 years by a​ very long way .​
IRAs and 401K's in​ general have over ninety percent of​ their funds in​ financial products .​
This may well lead you​ to​ ask Why? Are those Wall Street financial products superior in​ any way to​ real estate investments? No! Here are some quotes taken from two very repected publications:
.. .​
since the​ major housing organizations began keeping records in​ the​ 1960s,​ there has never been a​ year in​ which the​ average existing U.S .​
residence lost value .​
Not a​ one .​
FORTUNE Magazine,​ August 12,​ 2002
It is​ striking that after the​ longest,​ strongest bull market in​ history,​ the​ average American built more wealth owning a​ home than investing in​ the​ stock market .DENVER Post,​ March 14,​ 2002
After reading these quotes,​ it​ really is​ hard to​ understand why our IRAs and 401K's are not 90% real estate versus 10% Wall Street products .​
Maybe it’s time for all of​ us to​ get just a​ little more informed about those hard earned dollars before it’s too late!
Have an​ opinon or​ a​ question you​ would like me to​ answer,​ then write me!

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