Ideas For Making Money With Gardening On Craigslist

Ideas For Making Money With Gardening On
You can make money on​ with gardening .​
If you love to​ garden and you end up with extra plants,​ then you should look into selling your excess gardening successes .​
Here are some ideas for making money with gardening on​
You love to​ garden and every year you end up with more plants than you can use .​
Do you graft,​ layer,​ divide and over plant? Why not turn you excess successes into extra cash .​
It is​ easier than you might think .​
Here is​ what you will need to​ post your little garden gems onto .​
The first thing you need is​ a​ valid email address .​
It is​ required for you to​ register .​
Then you really need a​ digital camera .​
This is​ so that you can take great pictures of​ your plants .​
Have a​ really good title and a​ great description .​
You will need to​ manage your listings .​
As your listing gets older,​ it​ drops to​ the​ bottom of​ the​ list .​
If you want people to​ read your ad,​ every two days you should delete the​ ad and resubmit it .​
This will keep your ad near the​ top of​ the​ first page .​
What types of​ plants can you sell? You can sell your divided bulbs like daffodils,​ daylilies,​ and tulips .​
Iris can be divided when they out grow their space .​
Woody plants like rosemary can be layered and made into additional plants .​
This takes a​ little time,​ but it​ is​ worth it​ in​ the​ end .​
Those extra tomato and other vegetable plants are also good to​ sell .​
Just be sure to​ take really good pictures and include care instructions when you send them to​ their new homes.
Do you have a​ greenhouse? Are you an​ orchid fan? Did you know that many orchids need a​ resting period every year in​ order for them to​ bloom properly? So do some cacti like the​ Christmas cactus .​
They need it​ dark for a​ few months every year in​ order to​ bloom at​ the​ correct time .​
You can babysit these plants and charge a​ fee to​ do it .​
This is​ another way to​ make money on​ with gardening .​
Do you have a​ knack for bonsai? Know how to​ put together beautiful container gardens? You can offer these services as​ either a​ class or​ you can become a​ personal gardener .​
Putting together a​ class is​ easier than you think .​
Many churches will give members use of​ one of​ their community rooms .​
Post the​ notice on​ and let everyone know about your class and the​ fees .​
Specify if​ the​ materials are included or​ if​ the​ participants must purchase supplies before class .​
This is​ another income stream that can be gleaned from
If classes are not your idea of​ fun why not write an​ e-book and sell it​ on​ .​
E-books cost next to​ nothing to​ produce and you can sell them for a​ rather large profit if​ you do the​ work yourself .​
Pick your favorite gardening topic and write about it .​
You can even produce a​ whole series on​ the​ care and planting of​ different types of​ plants .​
Other than a​ profit,​ by writing an​ e-book you become a​ published author .​
Many people will see you as​ an​ expert because you have a​ book .​
This is​ just another idea for making money with gardening on​
There are just so many ideas for making money with gardening on​ that it​ would be impossible to​ list them all in​ this article .​
You could write an​ entire book on​ the​ subject .​
Hopefully some of​ these ideas appeal to​ you .​
You can combine a​ few of​ them to​ generate multiple income streams .​
This makes it​ easier to​ make money when one area slows down .​
E-books will keep you going with sales through the​ winter months .​
So will babysitting plants for people .​
Put these ideas to​ good use and see how fast you bank account starts to​ grow.

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