Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist

Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist 1

Ideas For Making Money On is​ an​ interesting website dedicated to​ bringing buyers and sellers together .​
There are no fees to​ join .​
Anyone can join .​
All that is​ required is​ a​ valid email address .​
You can make money selling items on​ this website .​
The dynamics are very different than on​ auction sites .​ is​ more like a​ free classified ad website on​ steroids .​
Everything can be found here from dating to​ items for sale to​ services offered .​
Here are some ideas for making money on​
First see what is​ listed in​ the​ category of​ items you want to​ sell .​
You can post an​ add for just about anything on​ .​
Businesses post ads for services and products,​ individuals sell cars,​ real estate,​ jewelry,​ musical instruments and more .​
There is​ even a​ portion of​ the​ website for free items and a​ place to​ list yard sales .​
Once you have an​ idea of​ what people are selling write an​ ad,​ take a​ photo of​ your item and list it .​
Decide on​ what it​ is​ you want to​ sell .​
Good choices are furniture,​ car parts,​ arts and crafts items,​ baby items and pet items .​
Take really great pictures and list the​ items in​ the​ correct category .​
It pays to​ take the​ time to​ write a​ good ad .​
Make sure you spell check it .​
Nothing looks less professional than an​ ad with poor spelling .​
Your ad is​ good for 45 days but you may want to​ relist it​ more often.
Make sure that you follow up with all inquiries .​
After a​ week,​ you may want to​ cancel your ads and relist them so that your ad remains near the​ top .​
As your ad ages,​ it​ drops down toward the​ bottom of​ the​ page .​
If it​ is​ a​ popular category,​ it​ may drop off to​ a​ second or​ third page .​
This is​ why you should keep renewing your ad no less than every 7 days.
Promote your ad offsite .​
Link to​ them in​ your emails and tell everyone you know about your listing .​
This will ensure that your ad gets lots of​ views .​
Therefore the​ item is​ more likely to​ sell .​
Another strategy is​ to​ list different items in​ many categories .​
The more items you have to​ sell,​ the​ more likely that someone will make a​ purchase .​
These are just a​ few ideas for making money on​
You can combine selling items on​ with other websites .​
Use online auctions for smaller items that are easily shipped .​
Use for large items like furniture,​ car parts,​ large toys and electronics .​
Have the​ buyers come and pickup their items .​
You should not have to​ be responsible for shipping .​
It is​ assumed that the​ buyers will pickup on​
You can actually use only to​ make money .​
Check out their free and yard sale links .​
Purchase and fix up furniture,​ small appliances,​ and lawn mowers .​
Once these items are refurbishes you can sell them for a​ profit .​
It is​ easy to​ think up many ways to​ make money on​
These are just a​ few ideas for making money on​ .​
I​ am sure that you can think up many more .​
Why not log on​ and see what people in​ your town are doing .​
Perhaps you can start up a​ sideline business for little or​ no money following the​ ideas in​ this article.

Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist

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