Ideas For Making Money On Craigslist The Basics

Ideas For Making Money On – the​ Basics
There are many ideas for making money on​ .​
The basics are getting your listing out there,​ however there is​ a​ little more to​ it​ than that .​
Let's see how we​ can make out ads really work well for us by using a​ few simple strategies.
First of​ all there is​ the​ basic listing .​
Before you can list anything you need to​ have a​ account .​
This is​ easy to​ do .​
If you have a​ valid email address you can get an​ account .​
You will need to​ enter your email address and then type in​ the​ scrambled letters and hit enter .​
Then you care ready to​ post .​
Go to​ any category and choose post .​
a​ list of​ categories will appear .​
Then choose the​ one that best suits your item .​
At the​ next screen,​ type in​ the​ title of​ your ad .​
Avoid all caps .​
Then add the​ text to​ the​ body of​ the​ ad .​
Finally you can add a​ picture if​ you like .​
There is​ an​ option to​ keep your email private and to​ decline offers from others .​
This is​ how you enter an​ item for sale.
If you are looking to​ post a​ job,​ the​ process is​ basically the​ same .​
Choose what you want to​ post; enter a​ title,​ a​ description and details about payment .​
Then hit the​ enter button .​
You'll have to​ pass the​ human check by entering in​ the​ scrambled letters.
There are plenty of​ opportunities to​ make money on​ this website .​
Here are some ideas for making money on​ .​
Post an​ ad for your business .​
Every business can use promoting why not promote yours for free .​
You can add a​ picture,​ type a​ description or​ make a​ only offer to​ anyone viewing the​ ad .​
Another way is​ to​ sell and resell items .​
You can pick up free items on​ .​
Let's take furniture for example .​
You can get free furniture,​ clean it​ up and repair it .​
Then sell it​ for a​ profit .​
No listing fees,​ no delivery charges .​
It's a​ great way to​ make some extra money .​
You can do this over and over again .​
Have a​ service to​ offer? is​ a​ way to​ get more customers .​
Whether you tutor math,​ offer music lessons,​ babysit,​ walk dogs,​ clean houses,​ or​ what ever there is​ a​ place for you to​ offer your services to​ those in​ your city .​
All other city websites charge you for this service .​
At it​ is​ free.
What are you looking for? I​ am sure you will find it​ on​ .​
You can find craft materials for your arts and crafts business .​
Need a​ camera to​ take digital pictures,​ its there .​
Want a​ guitar so you and your buds can jam on​ the​ weekends? You got it,​ guitars are there too .​
Buy,​ sell,​ offer services,​ and promote your business .​
Who needs the​ other pay for listing websites? has it​ all covered with no fees and no advertising.
These are just some of​ the​ ideas for making money on​ .​
I​ am sure that there are many more .​
With such a​ flexible and easy to​ use community website,​ you can't go wrong .​
It is​ impossible to​ lose money as​ the​ listings do not cost you anything .​
There is​ nothing else like it​ on​ the​ web .​
With everything that this site happens to​ offer,​ how can you go wrong?

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