Hypnosis Money And 3 Major Motives Of Our Lives

Hypnosis Money And 3 Major Motives Of Our Lives

The purpose of​ all life is​ development and enrichment. Every Human Being,​ in​ fact,​ every living thing,​ has an​ inalienable right to​ all the​ development to​ which it​ is​ capable.

A Human Being’s right to​ life implies his right to​ have the​ free and unrestricted access of​ all things,​ which may be necessary to​ assist him realize his fullest mental,​ spiritual,​ and physical potential. in​ other words,​ every human being has the​ right to​ be rich and enjoy everything life has to​ offer.

There are three major motives for our lives: we​ live for our body. we​ live for our mind. And,​ we​ live for our soul. These three constituents are,​ at​ the​ same time,​ both highly distinctive of​ each other,​ as​ well as​ highly inter-dependent from each other.

But,​ in​ the​ world we​ live in,​ this is​ surely easier said than done. Everything we​ need or​ want has to​ be purchased for a​ price. Life has become so complex that even the​ most ordinary of​ human beings needs a​ great amount of​ money to​ satisfy his need for a​ fuller life.

Living for the​ Body

Living for the​ body means adequate food,​ comfortable clothing and shelter; and freedom from undesirable or​ excessively strenuous work. Rest and recreation are also highly important to​ our physical well-being.

Living for the​ Mind

Living for the​ mind implies access to​ good,​ thought-provoking books and time to​ read them,​ opportunity for travel,​ for intellectual activities,​ for observation and analysis,​ for appreciating works of​ art,​ music and beauty. the​ human mind requires freedom to​ think creatively and manifest his dreams into reality.

Living for the​ Soul

Living fully for the​ soul means that one must have the​ capacity for love and contribution. it​ is​ difficult for us to​ play our roles of​ a​ son,​ a​ daughter,​ a​ father,​ a​ mother,​ a​ brother,​ or​ a​ sister if​ we​ do not have enough money. Ingrained in​ the​ concept of​ love is​ the​ sense of​ giving. the​ satisfaction one desires out of​ a​ spontaneous gesture of​ giving is​ worth a​ fortune. Just as​ important is​ to​ make a​ meaningful contribution to​ others among us; to​ people who have not been as​ fortunate as​ we​ have been. it​ may be noted that such a​ contribution need not require a​ whole lot of​ money. Even a​ small contribution (based on​ one’s capacity and circumstances),​ which makes a​ difference in​ somebody’s life,​ can provide immense satisfaction to​ us.

At the​ same time,​ life cannot be treated in​ a​ piece-meal manner. Life has to​ progress as​ a​ whole. You cannot leave the​ body behind,​ and live merely for the​ mind. Similarly,​ you cannot leave the​ spirit behind,​ and live merely for the​ body. All three - Body,​ Mind and Spirit (or Soul) have to​ be carried together. as​ a​ human being,​ it​ is​ our responsibility to​ achieve this balance. And,​ this balance has needs to​ be fulfilled,​ for which one needs an​ adequate amount of​ money.

Hence,​ it​ is​ our inherent right to​ be rich

Hypnosis Money And 3 Major Motives Of Our Lives

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