How To Have A Great Time Gambling Without Losing Your Money

How To Have A Great Time Gambling Without Losing Your Money

How to​ Have a​ Great Time Gambling without Losing Your Money
Gambling in​ a​ casino or​ online casino is​ supposed to​ be for fun,​ but for many people the​ casino is​ the​ place where some machine eats all their money,​ and​ they are broke after the​ first hour and​ have to​ go to​ the​ ATM to​ get more money.
If you are not an​ experienced gambler it​ may be best to​ stick to​ the​ slot machines,​ but the​ fact is​ that the​ casinos make most of​ their money from those one armed bandits.
The easiest game in​ the​ casino is​ Roulette .​

The object of​ roulette is​ to​ guess what number the​ little ball will land on,​ which is​ not easy but there are other bets to​ make .​

In roulette you can bet on​ the​ color of​ the​ number the​ ball will land on,​ and​ since there are only 2 colors on​ the​ board it​ is​ a​ much safer bet .​

You can also bet on​ whether the​ ball will land on​ an​ even or​ odd number.
If you are not an​ expert gambler and​ just want to​ have a​ good time you can also play keno .​

Keno is​ much like the​ lottery .​

You have a​ card marked with numbers 1 to​ 100,​ and​ depending on​ the​ amount you want to​ spend and​ the​ game you play determines on​ how many of​ the​ number you get to​ pick .​

a​ computer picks the​ numbers and​ if​ ​ you have at​ ​ least 5 correct numbers you will win some of​ your money back.
I would recommend staying away from the​ poker rooms,​ but there is​ one poker game that is​ mostly newbie friendly,​ Red Dog Poker .​

The game is​ very simple to​ play .​

the dealer gives out 2 cards,​ and​ the​ player has to​ bet if​ ​ the​ next card will fall in​ between the​ first 2,​ an​ example of​ this is​ you are dealt a​ 5 and​ a​ queen,​ so you have to​ bet on​ if​ ​ the​ next card will be a​ 6 to​ a​ jack,​ the​ smaller the​ distance between the​ cards the​ more money you will win if​ ​ you are right .​

if ​ your cards are a​ 5 and​ a​ 9 and​ you win you will win less then if​ ​ your cards were a​ 5 and​ a​ 7 and​ the​ next card is​ a​ 6 .​

You may never become a​ millionaire from playing Red Dog Poker,​ but it​ is​ lots of​ fun and​ you can sit at​ ​ the​ table for hours without spending much money,​ and​ it​ can be lots of​ fun.
One of​ my favorite things to​ do in​ the​ casinos or​ online sportsbooks is​ to​ play the​ horses .​

You do not need to​ be a​ genius or​ have been going to​ the​ track for years to​ pick a​ winner,​ all the​ information on​ the​ horse and​ jockey is​ displayed in​ an​ easy to​ understand way so you can have all the​ information you need to​ pick a​ winner,​ and​ for a​ few 2 dollar bets you can spend an​ entire evening in​ a​ casino or​ sportsbook for less then 50 dollars.

How To Have A Great Time Gambling Without Losing Your Money

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