How To Grow A Money Tree

How To Grow A Money Tree 1

How to​ grow a​ money tree
They say money doesn't grow on​ trees,​ but I​ think you can grow it​ on​ something even better! Your home computer .​
To make your money tree grow,​ you will need to​ give it​ a​ home and a​ place to​ grow .​
You can do this by creating your own website .​
Here are some basics steps to​ creating your own website:
1.Pick a​ domain name .​
Make sure the​ name relates well to​ the​ information on​ your website .​
If you can,​ make it​ short and easy to​ remember .​
2.Create your web site using a​ web site creator,​ hand coding your own html,​ or​ a​ combination of​ both.
3 .​
You will need to​ sign up for a​ hosting account to​ get your website online .​
Next you will need to​ plant the​ money tree seed by developing your product so it​ can grow:
1.The fastest and easiest way to​ create a​ product to​ sell on​ your new web site is​ to​ create a​ information product (e-book,​ audio,​ etc.) .​
Its very low cost or​ free to​ create,​ and everything is​ automatic and electronic .​
That means there is​ no overhead and no products to​ ship!
2.You may also want to​ consider borrowing some seeds while you make your own .​
You can do this but signing up with other companies that sell information products and selling their products for a​ commission .​
This is​ a​ great way to​ get started and test the​ markets to​ see whats selling .​
You also build relationships with companies and that very well could be a​ marketing advantage after you finish your product.
Finally you will need to​ nourish your tree by watering it​ with traffic.
There are three main way to​ get traffic to​ your website
1.Your can buy traffic through sites like google .​
With this method you pay each time someone searches for your key words and they click on​ your link to​ your site .​
Through google you will be paying $.05 each click and up.
2.You can email you mailing list you made over time .​
Send out a​ promotional email and and get your previous traffic coming back .​
Just be careful not send out too many,​ or​ they will become annoyed and turned off to​ all your other emails .​
3.Partner up with your competition .​
You can get your competitors to​ send out your promotional emails by offering them a​ commission .​
Your competitors can become one of​ your best assets!
Maintain your tree by watering it​ with plenty of​ traffic,​ and give it​ plenty of​ love by updating your material! Fallow these easy steps and your money tree should be ready for harvest in​ no time .​
Best Wishes!

How To Grow A Money Tree

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