How To Earn Money With A Public Speaking Job

How To Earn Money With A Public Speaking Job

How To Earn Money With a​ Public Speaking Job
Sell what you know
Your knowledge and expertise in​ a​ specific field will make them come,​ so make sure to​ build your base in​ that area through a​ variety of​ different mediums and formats .​
You can reach a​ lot of​ people if​ they are familiar with your works,​ books,​ CDs,​ or​ audio tapes .​
They could recognize you easily and instantly know what it​ is​ you are an​ expert at .​
You could get hired without difficulty and be conveniently invited to​ various speaking engagements .​
This could instantly translate to​ a​ thriving business as​ well as​ numerous speaking engagements.
Try Corporate Sponsorship
You can attempt to​ get companies to​ sponsor your fees when you speak by being in​ touch with those organizations who might be interested to​ be associated with whatever is​ the​ message of​ your speaking engagement .​
There are a​ lot of​ opportunities to​ be creative .​
Think of​ any specific group or​ company that would be a​ perfect audience for your subject and propose your concept to​ that corporation’s PR Department.
Try Speakers Bureau
What this type of​ organization does is​ to​ actually locate speakers for their clients .​
This bureau earns a​ bit of​ a​ percentage from whatever is​ the​ speaker’s fee .​
Usually the​ percentage ranges between fifteen percent up to​ thirty percent .​
Although having a​ speakers bureau hire you would be a​ lot easier if​ you were a​ celebrity or​ already have a​ record of​ proven success in​ the​ public speaking field,​ it​ won’t hurt if​ you try them out .​
It is​ also highly advisable that the​ materials you have for promotion do not include your contact number but the​ bureau's .​
This is​ done so that any client who is​ interested in​ booking you again will contact the​ bureau and not you .​
The more fees you earn,​ the​ higher their earnings .​
So the​ benefit works both ways.
Do Seminars in​ Public
The idea behind this is​ simple,​ you do a​ speaking engagement in​ public and people buy tickets to​ that engagement .​
Or you could also inform several corporations of​ your public seminar and any interested employees that they may have will buy the​ tickets to​ your speaking engagement.

You could do your own promotions through your website or​ through mailing lists.
Do Seminars on​ the​ Phone
Yes Virginia,​ it​ is​ possible .​
An inexpensive telephone bridge line could be requested or​ a​ more expensive conference call .​
Would-be participants then call and once connected,​ the​ seminar is​ delivered over the​ telephone line .​
It saves a​ lot of​ travel expenses for everyone .​
Any visual aids needed may be had via your website so participants should have ready access to​ a​ computer.

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