How To Earn Money In Retirement And Beat The Pension Crisis

The call to​ earn money in​ retirement is​ fast becoming a​ necessity and this is​ so because when you retire from the​ workplace you continue forevermore to​ face the​ prospect of​ escalating living expenses: food,​ shelter; clothing,​ power supply,​ insurances,​ communications,​ income tax,​ etc,​ with less left over than you had at​ your disposal before for enjoying the​ minor luxuries of​ life.

For the​ majority of​ seniors the​ prospect is​ doubly daunting as​ a​ direct result of​ vastly reduced incomings due to​ the​ world wide pension crisis and so the​ need to​ earn money in​ retirement becomes imperative.

What do you do when there is​ too much month left at​ the​ end of​ your pension; do you bite the​ bullet and settle for cutbacks in​ the​ quality of​ life?

Not inevitably so because with tried and tested guidance you can stretch your abilities to​ make some extra cash in​ retirement and for some this is​ not so much an​ option as​ a​ necessity.

How do you visualize life in​ retirement?

You have reached or​ are approaching your 60th/65th year and are eligible for retirement. or​ maybe you’re only 50 and opted out early.

o Do you punch the​ air with a​ tightly clenched fist now that you have finally escaped from the​ workplace?

o Or do you ask yourself,​ ‘What do I do now?’

For many retirees,​ lounging around the​ house or​ lying in​ the​ sun in​ a​ deck chair is​ not a​ prerequisite for third age enjoyment and fulfilment.

While the​ world is​ undoubtedly aging and the​ number of​ elderly people is​ increasing,​ the​ current crop of​ senior citizens is​ in​ better health and lead longer,​ more active lives than their parents did.

o They want action,​ not eternal relaxation;
o Excitement,​ not enforced leisure;
o Accomplishment,​ not resignation.

Conventional retirement is​ just too dreary,​ and many remain emotionally unprepared to​ throw the​ working life concept entirely to​ the​ wind. Some could also make good use of​ opportunities to​ increase basic income.

So,​ in​ lieu of​ conventional retirement,​ a​ significant number of​ third age people are turning to​ entrepreneurship as​ an​ alternative.

With valuable commercial skills acquired through years of​ practical experience,​ many of​ these retirees give serious consideration to​ launching their own businesses. They believe they still have what it​ takes and are highly motivated to​ succeed on​ their own.

Is it​ hard to​ earn money in​ retirement?

o Is it​ so restrictive that only a​ small number can succeed?

o Is it​ so demanding that only able-bodied retirees can make a​ go of​ it?

o Is it​ so difficult that only the​ super-intelligent stand a​ chance?

No – anyone can do it. If,​ for example,​ you are disabled or​ handicapped to​ some degree and would find it​ impossible to​ engage in​ a​ physical money-making activity you can still participate in​ ‘online’ enterprise - for which alternative route you will find many options.

So who is​ Jim Green and why should you read what he has to​ say about how to​ earn money in​ retirement?

Jim Green is​ 75 years young and as​ active in​ business as​ he was 50 years ago. He is​ also a​ bestselling author with 24 titles to​ his credit including "Your Retirement Masterplan" and "Earn Money in​ Retirement"

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