How To Create A Money Magnet E Commerce Web Site

If you've been online for more than a​ day you've probably heard some "guru" somewhere recommend that you create a​ Money Magnet Web Site - a​ site that is​ highly automated and helps you make money 24 hours a​ day. While that might *sound* great,​ what they often forget to​ tell you is​ HOW to​ do that.

Well,​ I'm going to​ tell you right now,​ in​ this article!

First,​ what is​ a​ Money Magnet Web Site? a​ Money Magnet Web Site can be defined as​ one that is​ equipped with an​ integrated suite of​ both e-commerce and internet marketing tools in​ a​ fashion that will allow you to​ be the​ most profitable with the​ least amount of​ effort.

Most e-commerce systems are equipped with the​ following essentials: a​ shopping cart,​ acceptance and processing of​ credit cards,​ a​ maintenance system that allows you to​ add/change products,​ an​ order-retrieval system that enables you to​ fulfill orders.

However,​ what most of​ them are lacking are marketing tools. There are several marketing strategies that are essential in​ the​ creation of​ a​ successful e-commerce web site: email marketing (broadcasting) of​ prospects/customers,​ effective use of​ autoresponders (generate automatic email messages),​ online newsletter,​ online form/survey to​ capture your prospect's email address electronic product delivery (if you sold a​ digital product),​ advertisement (ad) tracking,​ back end sales,​ affiliate program.

Now,​ if​ you had a​ system that would support the​ integration of​ ALL of​ these marketing tools in​ addition to​ the​ necessary e-commerce essentials,​ then you would have a​ Money Magnet Web Site. After all,​ it​ has been shown that it​ often takes 7 or​ more ad exposures before prospective customers actually make a​ purchase. Consider the​ following scenario:

A prospect clicks on​ an​ advertisement in​ an​ online magazine. This action increments a​ counter for this particular ad to​ help you determine how well it’s working. They don’t decide to​ buy as​ of​ yet but join your newsletter. They are now considered a​ prospect. You begin to​ send them a​ monthly email newsletter. Additionally,​ an​ autoresponder kicks in​ to​ thank them for joining the​ newsletter as​ well as​ scheduling them to​ get email twice a​ month for the​ next 90 days reiterating your product benefits and inviting them to​ purchase.

Upon sending them one of​ your "juicy" offers that they couldn't refuse,​ they finally purchase. They will automatically be removed from your prospect list and added to​ your customer list.

Based on​ the​ particular product or​ service they’ve purchased,​ they will receive a​ series of​ emails every two weeks for the​ next 6 months offering complementary products. This will be the​ engine that will drive your back end sales and keep your customers coming back to​ your web site.

Being able to​ play out a​ scenario such as​ this using one integrated system would be pretty impressive don’t you think? the​ internet big boys do this with expensive e-commerce platform suites produced by vendors such as​ IBM,​ Microsoft and Oracle. Having your system automatically perform these follow up tasks frees you up to​ spend more time on​ your business,​ your health or​ your family!

=====> What can you do to​ obtain a​ money magnet web site?

Fortunately,​ there are ways that you can automate your website in​ much the​ same way that the​ big boys do. the​ best and most cost-effective way would be to​ sign up with one of​ the​ handful of​ Application Service Providers available on​ the​ internet,​ which provide a​ shopping cart integrated with a​ full suite of​ marketing tools. Normally,​ the​ shopping cart and tools are very flexible and can be incorporated into any website.

=====> Are there any other ways to​ automate your business besides working with a​ total solution provider?

You can accomplish some level of​ automation without an​ integrated shopping cart system,​ however,​ it​ will require manual intervention and of​ course it​ would be incomplete. I believe that the​ most important asset of​ your e-commerce business is​ your email lists. Therefore,​ concentrate on​ the​ implementation of​ a​ good autoresponder/list server system to​ "enhance" your present e-commerce website. There are several good ones on​ the

Look for providers that allow you to: create multiple lists,​ add prospects via a​ web form,​ email,​ or​ manually through a​ management console,​ send out an​ unlimited number of​ autoresponder messages,​ send out an​ unlimited number of​ email broadcasts,​ set up and distribute a​ newsletter.

When setting up your autoresponder system,​ create one list for your "prospects" and another one for your "customers". Now,​ here's where you come in: when a​ person orders your product,​ you will have to​ perform the​ extra task of​ logging into your autoresponder system and manually remove them from the​ prospect list and add them to​ the​ customer list. This action will then trigger your customer autoresponder series of​ messages to​ be sent.

Remember,​ the​ key to​ building a​ successful e-commerce web site is​ to​ automate your marketing engine as​ much as​ possible and drive your prospects and customers back to​ your web site. This will certainly create a​ money magnet e-commerce web site for you!

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