How To Choose A Money Making Book Subject

How To Choose A Money Making Book Subject

People never change. Nor do their basic desires. They've existed for thousands of​ years and will continue to​ exist for thousands more.

Names of​ people will change. Technology will change. People's desires won't – their desires are hard-wired into our DNA.

That's good for you – as​ an​ author. By knowing what people want,​ you can profit from their desires. And since their desires are predictable,​ your ability to​ make money from your book ideas just got a​ lot more profitable,​ as​ well.

So,​ you must be wondering what do people want to​ read.

The top three general desires revolve around: Food,​ Love,​ and Money.

There will ALWAYS be a​ market for new cookbooks,​ new books on​ love,​ and new books on​ ways to​ make money. Guaranteed!

This will never change. Ever.

So if​ you have an​ idea that fits in​ one of​ those categories - you are well on​ your way to​ celebrity status. it​ doesn't have to​ be an​ original thought on​ the​ subject. it​ can just be a​ new spin on​ an​ existing topic.

NOTE: People do not buy books because they are bargains. They buy them because they have some hope that they will find something – not matter how small – that will positively add value to​ their lives.

What else are people interested in​ reading about...

* Security
* Sex
* Power
* Immortality
* Happiness
* Safety
* Health
* Recognition

Some more generalized topics would be things like:

To attract the​ opposite sex.
To keep their possessions.
To have more fun.
To satisfy curiosity.
To protect their family.
To be in​ style.
To have beautiful possessions.
To quench their appetite.
To emulate others.
To avoid trouble.
To avoid criticism.
To be an​ individual.
To protect their reputation.
To grab opportunities.
To make work easier.

When you brainstorm ideas for your book,​ keep these customer desires in​ mind.

NOTE: Although it​ is​ good to​ focus your topic,​ you should try to​ keep it​ in​ a​ general category that will be wanted by a​ larger section of​ the​ population.

For example: You don't want to​ write a​ book just about "Love" because it's far TOO general of​ a​ topic. But you also don't want to​ focus your topic so much it​ becomes something like "Love between 20 – 24 year olds in​ Northwest California."

Yes,​ I know that was an​ exaggerated example and you'd never go that targeted but you get my meaning.

Maybe you could write something like "How to​ be a​ 20-something in​ Love." More targeted than just LOVE but still part of​ a​ large group of​ people who would be interested.

NOTE: Go with a​ subject you're already passionate about.

Don't make this process harder than it​ has to​ be. if​ you're already passionate about gardening,​ cooking,​ investing,​ pet health,​ etc. then look in​ that area for the​ subject of​ your book.

#1) You will WANT to​ become a​ recognized expert in​ the​ field. Nothing worse than finding a​ topic that will make you money but you're embarrassed to​ be associate with.

I did some research and found a​ hot topic that could have made me thousands literally overnight... but then I realized I didn't really want my name associated with that topic. Money is​ important but if​ you write your book about a​ topic you're excited about and you become a​ recognized expert – achieving celebrity status – you will have SO much more than just money in​ the​ bank.

#2) Working on​ your project will seem like anything but work. When I chose a​ subject specifically because I think it​ will make money – I'm less than happy to​ do the​ writing. When it's about something I enjoy then I can't wait to​ write and don't want to​ stop. I've worked until the​ early hours of​ the​ morning because I just lost track of​ time.

Find something that really gets you excited!

How To Choose A Money Making Book Subject

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