How To Beat The Casinos With Their Own Money Literally

How To Beat The Casinos With Their Own Money Literally

No – you didn’t read the​ headline incorrectly. With a​ little patience and discipline you can take advantage of​ an​ on-line casino’s generosity and beat them,​ quite literally,​ with their own money.

There are hundreds of​ casinos plying their trade on-line. It’s pretty much a​ standard feature of​ every one that they offer new customers a​ monetary incentive to​ open an​ account with them.

These monetary incentives are generally either a:

· fixed amount of​ money – for example $100

· match bonus – the​ casino matches the​ amount of​ your initial deposit

· percentage amount – they’ll add a​ percentage amount on​ top of​ your initial deposit

Some of​ the​ new account incentive offers are very good indeed. Obviously,​ the​ casino is​ adding the​ money to​ new account holders not only to​ attract new business,​ but they know that the​ average player will gamble it​ all away on​ the​ tables and keep coming back for more losing much more that the​ incentive they’ve given the​ new player.

Sound business sense from the​ casino – right?

Not necessarily – the​ clever casino player can turn the​ tables and the​ odds in​ his (or her) favour by playing “perfect blackjack.”

The bonus incentives come with strings attached – the​ casinos are not silly enough to​ allow you to​ withdraw your bonus money straight away – you have to​ play it​ through a​ few times first so you might lose it!

Each casino has its own terms though a​ typical example is​ that they may require you to​ wager the​ bonus amount say 20 times. So if​ they’ve given you $100 as​ a​ new account bonus you would have to​ place wagers to​ the​ cumulative value of​ $2000.

By playing “perfect blackjack” you really can walk off with your initial stake intact and a​ sum on​ top courtesy of​ the​ money the​ casino have given you.

The house edge (percentage the​ casino might expect to​ win) from blackjack variable depending on​ conditions but generally in​ the​ region of​ 5%. in​ other words the​ casino expects to​ win $5 for every $100 a​ player bets.

However – by applying basic blackjack strategy (“perfect blackjack”) you can reduce the​ house edge to​ 1% or​ even less.

Now – back to​ the​ $100 new account bonus and $2000 wagering requirement example above. You’ve deposited $100 and got your free $100 making $200 in​ your account. Under the​ terms of​ the​ bonus incentive,​ you have to​ wager $2000.

By utilising basic strategy you reduce the​ house edge to​ 1% - thus on​ average you expect to​ lose 1% over the​ course of​ meeting the​ wagering requirements (2000 hands assuming flat betting $1 per hand). Each hand you play counts towards the​ wagering requirement.

1% of​ $2000 is​ just $20 – you can cash out with £180 left in​ your account. You’ve still got your initial $100 and you’ve taken an​ extra $80 from the​ casino literally out of​ their own pocket. Repeat the​ process at​ other casinos and you can rack up a​ tidy amount of​ money.

Some casinos even give monthly bonus incentives so you have the​ opportunity to​ take their money from the​ every month!

You won’t win every time – sometimes you’ll bust out and lose,​ other times you might win more than the​ above example. But by playing blackjack with the​ application of​ basic strategy it​ is​ entirely possible to​ literally beat the​ casino with their own money.

I personally use this technique and make money doing so. It’s possible that you can do the​ same – but if​ you give it​ a​ try,​ please never,​ never gamble with money you cannot afford to​ lose.

Good luck at​ the​ tables!

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