How The Tax System Really Works For Us Californians

How The Tax System Really Works For Us Californians

How the​ Tax System Really Works For Us Californians!
Believe it​ or​ not,​ were being pickpocketed by the​ government! Should that really come as​ such a​ shock! For every dollar that we the​ tax paying public spent in​ 2004,​ 79 cents went back to​ the​ state in​ spending. in​ other words,​ there was a​ $51 billion shortfall,​ which according to​ the​ California Institute of​ Policy Research,​ is​ the​ largest in​ the​ nation.
Here is​ how we are being pickpocketed. States like Alabama,​ Virginia,​ and Maryland actually get more back than they put in. And how does that work? the​ government takes money from California taxes and reroutes it​ to​ other states,​ which also accounts for federal salaries and highways.
The November ballot for this year proposes a​ $37 billion state bond that would go towards highways,​ parks,​ schools,​ as​ well as​ a​ number of​ other things. it​ seems like a​ fair deal so long as​ our wise and wonderful leaders in​ Washington D. C. distributes the​ money fairly. There are those who think our California taxes should be going towards other issues within the​ state. Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez feels that President Bush is​ using this great state of​ ours like an ATM we pay it​ in​ and he takes it​ out. Our taxes should actually be redirected to​ health care,​ education,​ and homeland security. All of​ which are very important issues that need to​ be dealt with within California. Nuñez believes that if​ the​ funds are there,​ then California should get what it​ is​ owed and it​ would go a​ long way towards putting Californias fiscal situation back on​ track.
As of​ now,​ California has the​ largest deficit in​ the​ U. S. in​ total dollars. Are there unfair practices in​ force here? in​ Washington D. C. ,​ when referring to​ California,​ the​ acronym ABC is​ used Anywhere But California. This is​ where tax politics start to​ get a​ little complicated. California was shortchanged when funding for the​ military was trumped by what was spent on​ the​ State defense and the​ aerospace industry. a​ lot of​ our funding is​ based on​ formulas that dont work in​ our favor.
Californians are younger than the​ average age in​ other states which means California brings in​ a​ higher income. California has become a​ donor state for Social Security but is​ short on​ welfare funding. Either way we Californians are in​ a​ hole. California Democrats Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer have a​ few ideas of​ their own. They believe that there could be a​ change in​ the​ way Californias taxes are being dispersed if​ Democrats took control of​ one or​ both of​ the​ houses in​ the​ November election. They have also said that they themselves should be able to​ figure out a​ way to​ squeeze a​ dollar or​ two out of​ their colleagues and then get the​ States Congressional Delegation to​ support them.

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