How Do You Plan On Making Your Money

How do you plan on​ making your money?
How do you make money? How do you not let money use you? Well let’s take the​ first question? How do you make money? Here are some easy ways:
• Job
• Start a​ business
• Inherit money
• Lottery / Gamble
• Crime
As odd as​ it​ sounds,​ all above are viable ways to​ make money .​
Most of​ the​ population makes money via a​ job .​
We work for others .​
This is​ a​ familiar,​ respectable and time honored approach to​ supporting yourself .​
The only problem is​ sometimes you end up jobless,​ defeated,​ and angry .​
Welcome to​ the​ rat race!
Starting a​ business sounds nice .​
Become the​ boss with all the​ neat stuff like suits,​ executive offices,​ and lavish lifestyle .​
This sounds great as​ long as​ you are successful,​ and you assume ALL the​ risk .​
We touched on​ this before .​
Mentally you need to​ prepare to​ go through the​ fire of​ being an​ entrepreneur if​ you have never done this before.
Inheritance is​ great .​
You just need someone rich to​ die and leave it​ to​ us .​
This is​ not likely and nonrenewable .​
The money is​ always running out if​ you don’t make more.
The lottery is​ simply NOT going to​ happen .​
Gambling is​ just plain stupid .​
Casinos don’t build 75 million dollar fountains with the​ money they lost to​ patrons.
The constants in​ making money are preparation,​ preservation and perspiration .​
The preparation is​ what we’ll call the​ money trap .​
Preparation centers around the​ business make up,​ the​ marketing action and the​ follow-through .​
Efficiency is​ of​ the​ utmost importance .​
Preservation means that your business must preserve its value .​
Value embedded as​ hard assets,​ or​ financial instruments have long been used for value preservation .​
Preservation of​ value is​ re-investment.
Re-investment is​ business building.
Perspiration is​ the​ undeniable cost of​ owning and running a​ business .​
Most of​ the​ fantasies about running and owning your own business fade when the​ self-employed realize that when they don’t work,​ they don’t eat .​
This is​ the​ hard work that nobody likes to​ talk about .​
Successful owners are diligent,​ disciplined and focused people .​
They work weekends,​ holidays,​ and virtually everyday.
Most businesses have barriers to​ entry,​ the​ minimum cost of​ investment .​
With the​ age of​ computers new businesses like internet marketing,​ desktop businesses and other digital businesses have evolved .​
It is​ critical that entrepreneurs take advantage of​ automation .​
Few business forms don’t involve interaction,​ high entry barriers (big investments to​ start) and other difficulties .​
MOST traditional brick-and-mortar businesses involve the​ investment of​ thousands of​ dollars,​ often with no business training or​ mentoring in​ the​ field of​ business.
An excellent business is​ one that fits the​ following description:
• Low or​ no investment
• Requires little/low time investment
• Requires few/no employees
• Provides a​ RENEWABLE source of​ income
• Services are FAVORED over goods,​ as​ services are infinitely renewable,​ products reach a​ sales maturity level and decline
Below are some examples of​ desktop businesses you can use at​ home to​ make money:
• Resume writing
• E-bay
• Internet Information Marketing
• Permanent Tourists….
There are a​ lot of​ benefits to​ living and working outside your daily environment .​
It is​ very difficult to​ increase your risk tolerance while you are trapped by your current lifestyle .​
Often businesspeople find themselves when laid off .​
You may need to​ step outside your life to​ go the​ next level.
Most people can’t envision themselves stepping outside their lifestyles because we​ are so well conditioned to​ go to​ a​ job .​
Think about it,​ you are trained to​ get up and go somewhere on​ a​ schedule your entire life .​
In kindergarten,​ kids are conditioned to​ get up and live on​ a​ schedule from that point on​ .​
True businesspeople don’t have a​ rigid schedule .​
They earn their way by balancing risk with reward,​ one of​ which is​ personal freedom .​
What is​ your freedom worth? Often times we​ ask what the​ successful know that we​ don’t .​
The answer is​ nothing .​
The difference between the​ successful businessman and us is​ that he will accept the​ risk or​ tough way to​ eke out a​ living and we​ will not .​
I​ urge you to​ summon your courage.

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