How Can I Monetize My Forum And Start Making Money With It

How Can I Monetize My Forum And Start Making Money With It

New forums are popping up around the​ net all the​ time,​ adding to​ the​ thousands of​ forums on​ out there already. Many of​ them will never make it​ past a​ few months; some of​ them become pillars of​ the​ ever growing internet community. What makes the​ difference you ask? the​ following concepts will explore why some forums become successful and how to​ turn the​ success into cash.

Forums are a​ place for people to​ exchange ideas. There are two key elements in​ that simple sentence,​ people and ideas. You need people in​ your forum and you need them to​ be talking about things that matter,​ things that will get others to​ join in​ the​ fun. This gets you to​ the​ first problem,​ getting people and getting them to​ talk. People don’t like to​ join empty forums so you will need to​ get a​ few friends together and start posting topic others would be interested in​ talking about. When your forum is​ small,​ you really need to​ target a​ niche and get a​ good core group of​ regularly posting members. With many huge forums out there you are not likely to​ succeed with a​ broad forum. You can always expand later when your users ask you to. Start small with quality content,​ or​ if​ you already have a​ forum scale it​ down and find a​ target group.
If you are good with code or​ graphically inclined,​ you should spend some time customizing the​ forum so people feel like they are part of​ something special. You need to​ invest some time into making your forum look professional and inviting to​ people in​ your target niche. if​ you already have a​ forum maybe it​ is​ time for a​ makeover. Our visual sense is​ our strongest sense so a​ redesign will make a​ big difference.

Traffic,​ traffic,​ and more traffic. Every website needs traffic and everybody talks about how to​ get traffic so we​ won’t dwell on​ it​ too much. we​ will look at​ how to​ make that traffic into cash instead. Now that you have a​ core group of​ users and your forum is​ looking all pretty,​ let’s see if​ we​ can squeeze some ads in​ there. Affiliate banners such as​ Adsense probably won’t make you money unless you have massive amounts of​ traffic so you are better off finding your own sponsors. Since you are targeting a​ specific niche of​ people you will have an​ easier time to​ find individual sponsors. You can use something like Adbrite where individual sponsors will sign up for your site,​ commission junction where you can lick niche specific sponsors,​ or​ you can implement a​ custom php solution,​ what ever you think might work best.

An even better way to​ make money is​ if​ you can directly sell services or​ products to​ your members. For example a​ forum talking about web hosts can offer web hosting directly,​ a​ forum talking about travel can offer downloadable wall papers and so on. Also a​ great idea is​ to​ have something like a​ gift shop where people can order T-shirts,​ coffee mugs and so on​ with the​ forum logo on​ it. You could also look into maybe a​ good drop-shipping retailer deal for arts and crafts related forums. the​ possibilities are so broad that we​ will discuss it​ in​ the​ next article.
For now the​ you have lots of​ work to​ do,​ target your forum at​ a​ specific niche,​ get a​ core group together and start producing some valuable content. if​ start seeing increase in​ your traffic you can start looking for advertisers or​ establish services for sale or​ get a​ product line together.

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