Holiday Shopping Money Tips

Holiday Shopping Money Tips

Holiday Shopping Money Tips
If you are like most people,​ you severely UNDER-estimate what the​ holiday gift list is​ going to​ cost .​
Here are some time-tested tips to​ help you not overspend on​ gift giving.
The biggest mistake you can make is​ to​ start out on​ your holiday shopping trips with NO GIFT PLAN and NO SPENDING PLAN .​
That usually causes spending to​ double and you end up a​ Grouchy Grinch after the​ holiday when you have to​ pay the​ bills or​ you are short on​ money.
1 – Decide what your total spending budget is​ for gifts .​
Hopefully you have stashed some money away for this ahead of​ time and don’t have to​ use credit cards you can’t pay off immediately .​
Add some to​ the​ budget to​ cover gift wrap,​ sales tax and shipping to​ out of​ town recipients.
2 – Make a​ list of​ everyone you have to​ buy gifts for .​
In large families,​ draw names so you don’t have to​ buy everyone a​ gift,​ that way your budget goes further and you can get nicer gifts for fewer people .​
Don’t forget the​ kids’ teachers,​ your beautician and the​ mailman if​ you usually get them something.
3 – Next to​ each person’s name write down the​ amount you want to​ spend .​
Add these up and make adjustments so you don’t OVER-spend on​ your plan.
4 – For each person,​ write down a​ list of​ gift ideas that can be purchased within the​ gift limit .​
Make a​ list of​ stores where you can shop to​ get a​ great selection of​ that item at​ great prices .​
The more ideas you have for each person,​ the​ more likely you are to​ find a​ great gift that is​ within the​ price limit.
5 – Consolidate your shopping trips to​ the​ places on​ the​ list and shop well in​ advance so you get the​ best selection .​
Even if​ you don’t usually read the​ newspaper,​ at​ least get the​ Sunday editions starting the​ week before Thanksgiving .​
That way you can see the​ sales at​ your targeted shopping destinations,​ get some great discount coupons and get some gift ideas for those hard-to-shop-for family members and friends.
6 – For long distance gift giving,​ consider gift certificates so the​ person can pick out what they actually want .​
Restaurant gift certificates are great for women who will be tired of​ cooking during the​ Holiday and will really appreciate a​ relaxing meal that someone else had to​ shop for,​ cook and clean up after.
7 – As you find the​ gift items and decide to​ buy,​ scratch the​ person off the​ list as​ a​ DONE so you won’t be tempted to​ buy more.
8 – Shop for the​ recipient .​
a​ well thought out gift that the​ person will truly use is​ better than a​ designer label anything that they wouldn’t think of​ wearing or​ using,​ no matter how much of​ a​ bargain it​ was.
Gift Ideas with Flair
Make the​ box or​ container a​ part of​ the​ gift .​
Forget the​ gift wrap and shop for unique containers that can become part of​ the​ gift and used later .​
If you buy someone a​ scarf and one other item,​ wrap the​ item artfully in​ the​ scarf and tie on​ a​ nice ribbon bow.
A gift of​ homemade cookies in​ a​ nice container to​ keep them in​ can be a​ much appreciated gift for about $11; especially for a​ single guy who never cooks.
Buying someone a​ book or​ book store gift certificate? Find a​ unique container and include something to​ enjoy with the​ book like a​ selection of​ tea and organic chocolates; a​ nice gift for about $35.
A pound of​ organic coffee,​ a​ bar of​ organic chocolate and a​ great music CD can be boxed up for under $30.

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