Hockey Players Mismanaging Their Money

Hockey Players Mismanaging Their Money 1

Hockey Players Mismanaging Their Money
Athletes make a​ lot of​ money playing hockey for the​ NHL through endorsements for lots of​ things from clothes to​ cars .​
The problem with a​ lot of​ professional athletes is​ their insatiable need to​ spend a​ lot of​ money .​
What really is​ amazing is​ how they live above and beyond their means when usually the​ people that spend excessively like that are the​ ones who haven't really experienced having money in​ abundance .​
Many athletes also make the​ mistake of​ making poor business choices and investing their money into things they don't really do a​ really full and through amount of​ research before they hand over the​ check .​
Many athletes don't have smart people working to​ help protect their money.
Smart investing is​ what few athletes learn since many of​ them are not with college degrees and had gone professional before they had the​ chance to​ finish their studies .​
Part of​ the​ thing that isn't emphasized is​ the​ importance of​ having an​ education because many kids look up to​ athletes and think that it's cool to​ do what they're doing when you need an​ education to​ get anywhere in​ the​ world .​
Some athletes are so corrupted with elements around them from having people telling them about opportunities that are not the​ best to​ invest in.
The money that athletes make are not being invested wisely so that they can have money to​ live on​ in​ case their career ends due to​ injury or​ retirement .​
The sad thing is​ they go from making 7 figures and up to​ almost nothing .​
Many well known name athletes have dropped from the​ scene when they lose everything they have because of​ poor investments and associations with people who are only interested in​ hanging out with you only because you're famous and have money .​
Real friends are not going to​ focus primarily on​ what you have,​ and they have your best interest at​ heart .​
Also people who care about you won't allow people who are going to​ bring nothing positive to​ your life to​ be around .​
The problem with most professional athletes is​ that their egos can get blown up pretty bad mainly due to​ groupies feeding their egos with things that make no kind of​ sense .​
The money is​ great,​ but people forget that money can't always buy you happiness and in​ a​ pro athlete's mind regardless of​ sport whether it's baseball or​ hockey the​ rules still apply across the​ board.
The people that they hire are mismanaging their money because of​ cases where managers were squandering money when they were supposed to​ be busy paying their client's bills and expenses .​
This is​ where many athletes need to​ really screen those who handle their money because you got people that aren't honest and will steal from you and won't even know it​ until you start getting notices from creditors or​ even being sued and that's the​ only time athletes have the​ sense to​ look over their books when money is​ missing from their accounts.
The strange thing is​ that many athletes aren't aware of​ what they sign most of​ the​ time until they're really in​ a​ clench when they have financial obligations to​ meet .​
That's why most of​ the​ time athletes rely on​ their managers and laywers to​ do all the​ decision making when they need to​ also learn about where their money is​ going and who they are paying for jobs and services rendered .​
When athletes are not educated about money and sensible spending they can end up in​ a​ position where they won't have a​ dime left to​ their name.

Hockey Players Mismanaging Their Money

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