Here Are 46 Ways To Get Money When You Are Broke

Here Are 46 Ways To Get Money When You Are Broke


1 .​
One way to​ get money is​ to​ have a​ yard sale and sell items
that you are getting ready to​ toss away because you don't want
them any longer.
2 .​
You can always gather shells at​ the​ beach and polish and turn
into jewelry.
3 .​
Get cash surrender from life insurance policy.
4 .​
Paint faces on​ rocks and sell as​ paper weights.
5 .​
Go to​ a​ pawn shop and pawn some jewelry.
6 .​
Borrow from a​ relative.
7 .​
Go get welfare pay or​ food stamps.
8 .​
Dig small trees from woods and sell to​ home-owners.
9 .​
Learn names of​ wild plants and plant in​ pots for sale.
10 .​
Roll newspapers up in​ logs,​ tie,​ dye and let dry...then sell
11 .​
Cut up old shirts and dresses and make pot holders out of
them and sell.
12 .​
Cut square towels out of​ old tossed out clothes and sell as
wiping rags.
13 .​
Gather driftwood from the​ beach areas and sell to​ craft
14 .​
Paint old used wine bottles and sell as​ hand painted vases.
15 .​
Go house to​ house and paint house numbers on​ curbs for a​ fee.
16 .​
Take the​ lawn mower house to​ house and mow lawns for a​ fee.
17 .​
Offer to​ dig or​ spade gardens for local neighbors for money.
18 .​
Offer to​ sell fishing (earth) worms as​ bait - dig in​ garden
to get the​ worms.
19 .​
Paint house exteriors in​ spare hours .​
Charge prevailing rate.
20 .​
Gather pine cones and sell to​ craft shops.
21 .​
Turn pine cones into useful jewelry,​ etc .​
and sell to​ shops
or houses.
22 .​
Spray old building bricks gold,​ sell as​ Fort Knox Rejects
23 .​
Paint bricks a​ vibrant enamel and sell as​ toilet bowl
24 .​
Fill coffee cans full of​ plaster,​ paint all over and sell as
door stops.
25 .​
Gather vegetables from your garden and sell at​ road side
27 .​
Baby sit for profits.
28 .​
House sit for vacationers,​ get extra by up keeping grounds.
29 .​
Make fudge and sell house to​ house.
30 .​
Do typing for fellow students or​ fellow workers for a​ fee.
31 .​
Type menus for restaurants for a​ certain amount per menu.
32 .​
Read books and do reports for a​ fee for students.
33 .​
Research any subject (in library) for $25 a​ page.
34 .​
Paint scrolls and designs on​ plates or​ make birthday plates,​
charge $19 each.
35 .​
Teach people to​ do calisthenics,​ charge $2 an​ hour and have
10 at​ a​ time.
36 .​
Teach dancing and charge $2 an​ hour,​ and have 10 at​ a​ time.
37 .​
Learn to​ do juggling and clowning,​ put on​ shows for pay.
38 .​
Rent out as​ a​ clown to​ birthday parties,​ affairs,​ etc.
39 .​
Get good at​ telling jokes and rent out to​ night clubs.
40 .​
Sing for money at​ night clubs.
41 .​
Make crafts and sell them at​ road side yard stand.
42 .​
Teach others to​ make crafts ($2 each) and have 10 at​ each
43 .​
Bake fruit pies and sell house to​ house (or in​ stores at
44 .​
Make Christmas wreaths during holiday season to​ sell,​ using
discarded boughs from your own and neighbors Christmas trees.
45 .​
Make Christmas candles from paraffin wax and sell at
Christmas time.
46 .​
Polish shoes for office workers by going to​ office once a​ day
every day and charge 50 cents a​ shine - lawyers best bet here,​
Also see all accountants,​ clerks,​ insurance agents,​ etc .​

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