Good Fico Credit Score Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Home Mortgage Loan With Good Credit

Good FICO Credit Score? Tips to​ Getting the​ Most Out Of Your Home Mortgage Loan With Good Credit
Sometimes so much is​ talked about how to​ solve the​ problem of​ having bad credit,​ but what about when you​ have an​ excellent credit rating? Good credit is​ considered to​ be a​ credit score of​ 650 or​ higher .​
How can you​ get the​ best interest rate and loan terms to​ make your good credit history work for you? Even with excellent credit,​ you​ have to​ be careful not to​ get talked into a​ loan that may not be the​ best one you​ could qualify for.
Here are some tips to​ help you​ find the​ best loan for your great credit history:
1 .​
Apply with as​ many mortgage companies online that will provide you​ with more than one quote per application,​ as​ long as​ they will not pull your credit with your application .​
If you​ are about to​ start applying for a​ mortgage,​ you​ don't want to​ have your credit pulled until you​ have narrowed down which mortgage company you​ want to​ work with .​
Every time your credit is​ pulled,​ your FICO credit score drops.
2 .​
Talk to​ your lender about closing costs .​
If you​ have excellent credit,​ the​ lenders should be falling over themselves to​ get you​ a​ loan .​
Ask for special treatment .​
Find out what fees your broker or​ lender may be able to​ reduce or​ remove from your closing costs .​
Find out if​ they will match lower fees offered by another lender.
3 .​
Make sure your lender is​ offering you​ excellent customer service .​
Are they returning your calls quickly? Are they answering all of​ your questions to​ your satisfaction? Have they thoroughly researched all of​ your loan options and offered you​ more than one possibility? If they haven't,​ you​ should probably look somewhere else .​
With good credit,​ you​ have no reason to​ be a​ quick,​ easy sale for a​ lender.
4 .​
Research interest rates,​ mortgage information and articles online so that when your lender offers you​ a​ loan package,​ you​ will know about the​ fine print ahead of​ time .​
Whether you​ are purchasing for the​ first time or​ refinancing,​ it​ will help you​ to​ understand more about the​ mortgage process.
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