Getting Started Making Money On The Internet Finding Your Passion

Getting Started Making Money On The Internet Finding Your Passion

One of​ the​ hardest decisions to​ make concerning starting a​ home business is​ what kind of​ business to​ start! Research proves that in​ order to​ have the​ determination and drive to​ grow a​ business,​ you need to​ have an​ emotional investment in​ it. 9 times out of​ 10 that requires having a​ passion for what you do. However,​ a​ lot of​ women wanting to​ work at​ home mistakenly believe they don’t have a​ marketable talent or​ skill. Here is​ how any woman can find a​ niche for her business that will tap into her personal passions!

First off,​ you will need an​ idea notebook. This is​ a​ great tool for the​ learning process,​ and you will use it​ in​ all three steps of​’s step by step approach! it​ can be as​ simple as​ a​ 79 cent spiral notebook. a​ highlighter is​ also helpful to​ help you pick out the​ ideas you want to​ implement. You may even wish to​ have 3 highlighter colors,​ that way,​ after every day’s notetaking session,​ you can highlight with one color,​ the​ “No way that’s not for Me’s”,​ another color for the​ “Maybe,​ I’ll look into it​ more’s” and the​ last color for “YES,​ PERFECT’s!” This will make it​ easier to​ put together a​ business plan later. (Don’t let the​ idea of​ a​ business plan scare you…it is​ for your benefit only,​ and does not have to​ be complicated.)

Now,​ in​ order to​ propel your passion,​ you need to​ have a​ mission statement. Write on​ the​ first page of​ your notebook all the​ reasons you want to​ start a​ business,​ large and small. Now put the​ 3 most important reasons in​ positive sentence form,​ such as…”I will create a​ profitable business where I can create a​ better financial future for myself and my family,​ create pride within myself,​ and make a​ difference in​ this world and my community.” (Feel free to​ steal that one if​ it​ works for you!)

Your reasons are very personal,​ and no one will see this but you,​ but it​ is​ important to​ have this statement written down,​ to​ give you strength in​ the​ days nothing seems to​ go right! And trust me,​ there will be a​ few. But in​ the​ long run,​ keep your eye on​ your mission,​ and you can succeed!

Next,​ you need to​ find your passion. in​ a​ column on​ the​ next page,​ start listing all the​ things you can think of​ that you have ever enjoyed. Putting on​ kid’s birthday parties? Put it​ down. Reading about fine art? it​ goes down too. Bake a​ killer cheesecake? Enjoy reading to​ the​ blind? at​ this point,​ don’t limit yourself,​ you will edit later. And don’t limit to​ things you feel you have a​ talent or​ skill for,​ just enjoyment. (There are many ways to​ gain knowledge and skill for a​ business if​ you truly have a​ passion for it.) Spend a​ little time on​ this,​ after all,​ your business future could be on​ this page!

Now once you have a​ nice long list,​ narrow it​ down to​ your four favorite choices.

At this point you may have one or​ two things that you know are your passion. Perhaps everyone knows you are a​ passionate skydiver,​ and that made your top four. You live for it,​ you love it,​ and you know a​ lot about it. Start with this subject.

Notice that I keep mentioning some pretty varied passions…this is​ just to​ show you,​ you are not limited on​ the​ net to​ certain kinds of​ businesses. if​ there is​ a​ market,​ and people want to​ know and learn about a​ subject,​ there is​ a​ way to​ make money from it!

Now we​ are going to​ take your passions and see if​ there is​ a​ market for them,​ and a​ fair chance at​ a​ profit. Using a​ keyword tool such as​ that at​,​ type in​ the​ keywords for your subject. Keywords are the​ words someone might use in​ a​ search engine while searching for info on​ your subject. For instance,​’s most popular keywords are “budget decorating” and “decorating on​ a​ budget”. When I punch those into a​ keyword tool,​ it​ tells me there have been thousands of​ searches for those keywords. That tells me there is​ a​ market. However,​ if​ your subject is​ “mating habits of​ North American Widgets”… chances are,​ the​ searches are going to​ be very small,​ which means,​ no market. While it’s important to​ pick a​ subject for your business you have passion for,​ it’s equally,​ if​ not more important that you will have people out there who want to​ be your customer! if​ your first subject choice turns out to​ have a​ small market,​ no problem,​ you have four more to​ consider! Do keyword searches on​ all four,​ than see if​ you can choose one based on​ the​ market size,​ and your preferences. if​ you can’t,​ go back to​ your list and pick four more choices!

Narrow the​ list down,​ and you will hit on​ a​ passionate subject with potential for profit…your new business!

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Getting Started Making Money On The Internet Finding Your Passion

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