Get Making Money Online Started

Get making money online started
Make money with Google Adsense program,​ it​ is​ for everyone who want to​ make money at​ home without doing anything,​ it’s a​ perfect homebased business to​ become rich and a​ perfect answer of​ your question how to​ earn money at​ home or​ how to​ become rich online .​
Well-written content for human readers alone is​ not enough .​
It must also be prepared as​ tasty food that search engine spiders love in​ order to​ rank high .​
Just what do you need in​ order to​ optimize your content to​ boost Adsense revenue and make money online with adsense?
Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 1 – Make Your Content Readable and Relevant
We talk more on​ recent search engine algorithm changes from another perspective .​
Search engines are constantly trying to​ emulate human behavior .​
Think from a​ human reader’s angle,​ and write your content accordingly .​
The improved rankings would really boost Adsense income to​ higher levels.
The reason why you need to​ write for a​ human being is​ also to​ attract repeat visitors .​
If you churn out content that is​ on​ laser-targeted,​ your visitors would bookmark your site and return again .​
You need not even rely on​ search engines for traffic.
Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 2 – Make Use of​ Latent Semantic Indexing
Recently,​ Google’s latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm has hit the​ search engine arena like a​ storm .​
Search results were reshuffled and many web pages which used to​ enjoy high search engine ranking are dumped .​
In a​ short breath,​ LSI looks beyond the​ direct matches between content and search query text .​
Littering your content with a​ particular target keyword is​ no longer enough and may affect your search engine ranking .​
LSI means that you need to​ build content that the​ search engine spiders would easily identify with the​ keyword,​ ie content relevance .​
If you are writing about shopping for MP3 players,​ the​ content should center on​ this topic and steer clear from irrelevant stuff.
Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 3 – Use Synonyms or​ Related Keywords
Instead of​ targeting main keywords only,​ use synonyms to​ replace one or​ two words within your keyword phrase .​
For instance,​ ‘boost Adsense revenue’ can be replaced with ‘increase Adsense income’ .​
Be creative about this and make use of​ free tools like Google Adwords’ keyword research tool or​ Overture keyword tool to​ find relevant keywords.
You can search Google for related keywords or​ synonyms using the​ ~ prefix .​
Take for example,​ ‘~boost Adsense income’ would return results of​ web pages with related keywords.
Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 4 – Avoid Using Duplicate Content
Google hates duplicate content like spam .​
So must you,​ in​ order to​ do well in​ the​ search engines to​ boost Adsense income .​
You may search the​ major article directories like EzineArticles and Article City for content with free reprint rights but be sure to​ mix and match and rewrite into a​ unique article.
That’s all for now .​
Come over to​ my Adsense income blog if​ you want more orthodox but unique,​ never-thought of​ methods to​ boost Adsense revenue.
Boost Adsense Revenue Tip 5 – Word Count
There is​ no magical number for the​ perfect word count .​
Ideally,​ your article or​ web content should have at​ least 400 words .​
There again,​ there are also web pages with lesser than 200 words but still get ranked high .​
But I​ suspect the​
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