Get Easy Money From Casinos Learn How

Casinos want to​ take your money,​ even if​ you are not rich and only come to​ the​ casino with 50 dollars to​ play the​ nickel slots the​ casinos want your money,​ and if​ you complain about something they will offer you at​ the​ very least a​ free meal in​ one of​ the​ casinos restaurants just to​ make you happy. the​ louder you complain the​ more you will usually get,​ but make sure no to​ get to​ loud or​ they will have you removed for making a​ scene in​ the​ casino.

Pretend to​ be a​ Big Shot:
Have a​ friend call the​ casino and tell them that he is​ your personal assistant and he is​ looking to​ stay in​ the​ casino but he has some requests. if​ the​ casino believes you are calling for someone who may spend a​ large amount of​ money in​ the​ casino they may give you a​ free room,​ stock the​ bar with anything you request from $1,​000 dollar bottles of​ Champaign to​ bowls of​ only the​ blue M&M candies.

Free Room:
Many casinos give players free alcohol to​ loosen them up with the​ hoes they will spend more money and the​ more they drink the​ worse their judgment will get and they will lose more money to​ the​ casinos,​ but if​ a​ players leaves the​ casino gets into his car and gets into an​ accident everyone involved with the​ accident has a​ case against the​ casino. So many casinos will give a​ drunken player a​ room at​ no charge for the​ night because it​ is​ cheaper then a​ multi million dollar lawsuit.

Comp Card:
Casinos offer players the​ ability to​ earn free food,​ lodging and even money to​ playing the​ casinos with. They do this,​ just like everything else they do is​ in​ the​ hopes that you will return often to​ build up your comp points. the​ points are given out in​ accordance with your bets. Bigger bets will get you more points faster,​ but don’t blow your money just trying to​ get these points,​ in​ my opinion it​ is​ cheaper to​ pay for the​ meal rather then loose several hundred dollars to​ earn one.

Ignorance is​ No Excuse:
Often the​ casinos may make you an​ offer of​ a​ line of​ credit or​ depending on​ how well you are doing the​ casino may offer to​ get you a​ room for the​ night. if​ they are offering you a​ free room they will tell you they are offering you a​ room,​ if​ they offer to​ get you a​ room it​ just means they do the​ check in​ process for you. in​ the​ morning you have to​ pay for that room. the​ same goes for money make sure you know if​ they are extending you credit or​ if​ they are giving you some chips on​ the​ house. You do not want to​ spend the​ casinos money and not be able to​ pay it​ back.

Always remember the​ casinos bring you in​ with promises of​ riches,​ and if​ them giving you a​ few small items for free will make you stay longer or​ come back more often they will be happy to​ do it,​ you just have to​ ask.

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