Gamblers Spend Their Money 7 Times Faster At Online Casinos

Gamblers Spend Their Money 7 Times Faster At Online Casinos

If you think about it,​ this shouldn’t come as​ a​ surprise to​ anyone as​ the​ very nature of​ the​ internet is​ speed and convenience. So why are so many online gamblers so dissatisfied with their casino of​ choice?

Jon Hingston,​ Customer Satisfaction Manager at​ Casino Genie,​ says,​ “We recently surveyed 2,​500 online gamblers and the​ result were startling. All nearly 78% of​ those asked said that they would change casinos immediately for a​ more realistic player experience,​ irrespective of​ bonuses accrued or​ how long they had played there. we​ think that this should worry all online casinos. There are several new products ready to​ launch to​ market this year which will change the​ way players interact with online casinos. Companies like Crunchy Frog are introducing 3-D gaming experiences similar to​ that which the​ thumb nation (youth market) experience in​ their gaming.”

So why is​ player experience the​ way forward? Hingston says,​ “Currently online gamblers play several games at​ once to​ maximise their online experience which is​ great for casinos and is​ a​ good adrenaline rush for the​ player. However,​ once the​ adrenaline rush is​ over and the​ computer is​ switched off the​ player feels ‘used’. They have,​ more often than not,​ spent more money than they intended to​ and have ‘slightly negative feelings’ towards that online casino.”’ He goes on​ to​ explain that the​ innovators in​ this sector will try to​ bring more realism to​ the​ whole player experience and slow the​ game down.

Slow the​ game down? Won’t that reduce the​ casinos profit? “The truth is​ that online casinos”,​ say Hingston,​ “will have more loyal customers this way. Sure customers will spend more slowly,​ but the​ richness of​ the​ experience will mean more to​ them and engender a​ longer more loyal customer base. it​ is​ worth pointing out that obviously some players may decide that 3-D gaming is​ not for them and return to​ their previous tried and tested casino. So 3-D operator need to​ offer a​ 2-D version too.

So it​ is​ clear that,​ as​ with all sectors before it,​ customers are starting to​ shape the​ online gambling sector. the​ customer is​ King. But this year only those companies who understand that and do something about it​ will benefit.

And our advice to​ online gamblers is​ to​ look around and don’t be satisfied with average. There is​ a​ world of​ options coming to​ market this year which could just change the​ way you feel about online casinos.

Gamblers Spend Their Money 7 Times Faster At Online Casinos

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