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There are a​ lot of​ offers on​ the​ internet that promise to​ provide you with a​ free website from which you can make tons of​ money,​ selling their products or​ services. That’s right,​ at​ no cost to​ you,​ the​ company will accept you as​ a​ distributor for their products and give you a​ website and any sales that come from your site will result in​ a​ huge commission check. On top of​ that,​ if​ you can recruit more people to​ accept their free website,​ then you can receive a​ commission on​ their sales as​ well.

All of​ this is​ free and sounds good on​ paper,​ but when reality sets in​ you will soon learn that there is​ no such thing as​ a​ free lunch,​ or​ website. Yes,​ most of​ these companies will give you a​ free website,​ a​ replication of​ their own site and it​ will be configured with your name or​ company name on​ the​ landing page. it​ will also track the​ visitors that place orders through your site and yes,​ they will pay the​ promised commission. the​ challenge for you is​ getting visitors to​ your specific website.

This is​ when the​ free website begins to​ cost money. For sake of​ argument,​ consider a​ company sells vitamins and you are now a​ vitamin distributor for its brand. Chances are,​ you have joined a​ group of​ more than 100 other websites selling vitamins for the​ same company and you all have the​ same title on​ your website. a​ person searching for the​ company name may end up with a​ choice of​ 50 or​ more sites with the​ same name as​ a​ result of​ their search,​ and research shows that most user only look at​ the​ first 10,​ and in​ rare cases 20,​ of​ the​ top search results.

The odds of​ a​ search making your site one of​ the​ top searches is​ extremely low so you will have to​ become involved in​ network and online marketing just to​ make your site standout. Additionally,​ if​ you did manage to​ recruit others into the​ program,​ you have added to​ the​ competition. Print advertising that includes your specific website name may work,​ but most internet savvy users know that anything past the​ “/” in​ a​ site name is​ usually meaningless.

Your site’s name for tracking purposes is​ for instance,​ and people only type in​,​ they will end up at​ the​ company’s main website. You did the​ advertising and will receive none of​ the​ financial benefit because the​ sale did not come from your site.

You can spend more money by producing articles about the​ benefits of​ vitamins,​ with a​ signature link that includes your web address,​ but most free distribution articles are not picked up. Paying for distribution to​ a​ few hundred potential users increases the​ chance of​ them being used,​ and while the​ cost may be small,​ it​ will need to​ be recurring if​ you hope for any type of​ success.

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