Free Money Not Quite Close Enough

Free Money? Not quite – close enough.
We all know there is​ no such thing as​ free money (even a​ lottery win or​ a​ donation are not free as​ they require buying a​ ticket or​ some marketing to​ attract the​ donor which costs money) .​
So how would one go about trying to​ get almost free money that lasts?
Well one way is​ to​ ensure that a​ good proportion of​ the​ money that you earn is​ designated to​ going into two things one is​ savings and the​ other is​ investments .​
Save for a​ rainy day is​ a​ common saying however with everything that is​ happening in​ the​ world saving is​ not enough we​ all need to​ plant seeds that will grow over time and compliment the​ savings.
With investments you can be an​ armchair investor or​ an​ active investor that choice is​ up to​ each individual and their risk appetite .​
There are many ideas for investing unfortunately a​ lot of​ them require a​ lot of​ money to​ start with and some need you to​ practically have a​ degree on​ that subject! I​ have come across one market that is​ little known by the​ common individual which offers a​ wealth of​ benefits to​ its participants.
The market I​ was referring to​ is​ also very straightforward and that market is​ the​ Currency (Foreign Exchange or​ Forex) Market .​
This market is​ the​ largest in​ the​ world; it​ is​ not trading in​ any one place and it​ trades 24 hours a​ day from Monday morning in​ Australia or​ Japan to​ Friday evening in​ the​ USA .​
There are a​ lot of​ things that affect the​ currency markets .​
Regardless of​ these the​ markets are very simple to​ follow and one can profit from them as​ long as​ they follow a​ simple system,​ with the​ understanding that small manageable losses will have to​ be incurred to​ make large,​ long term,​ consistent profits.
Due to​ the​ constant market it​ is​ the​ most liquid as​ well,​ meaning there are a​ lot of​ participants so you are not limiting your opportunity by being involved like you would with stocks & shares .​
Access to​ the​ forex is​ now available to​ the​ individual and at​ very little investment cost,​ some firms will allow you to​ start trading with as​ little as​ 300 (£,​ $ or​ Euros) .​
However,​ it​ is​ probably better to​ start somewhere near the​ 1,​000 mark (and trade as​ if​ you had only 300) .​
Also most firms do not charge a​ commission – so for your small investment and some trading you could get some free money (profits).
How is​ the​ profit made? Most firms work on​ the​ basis of​ 100:1 margin which means for every 1 (£,​ $ or​ Euro) you control 100! This poses a​ risk and a​ major benefit .​
If the​ price moved 1% on​ the​ day you will be making or​ losing the​ face value of​ the​ trade! Here is​ the​ good bit – you can limit the​ downside by using stop losses – you predetermine the​ level by how much money you are willing to​ lose if​ your decision should be wrong .​
You can even use this technique to​ protect your profits.
Forex trading is​ very simple if​ you understand the​ very basics .​
Should you wish to​ learn techniques and ideas there are courses available showing you how you too can invest actively to​ get an​ extraordinary return,​ over time this will provide for that rainy day with ease; let’s not forget that it​ is​ commission free with most firms and with a​ small amount of​ initial investment capital you too can make your almost free money!

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