Free Money From The Government

Free Money From The Government

Free Money from the​ Government
There is​ a​ humorous commercial that is​ shown from time to​ time in​ which a​ rather funny character does his pitch wearing a​ suit that is​ covered with question marks and dollar signs .​
the​ man is​ pretty funny looking in​ his own right .​
But the​ upshot of​ the​ pitch is​ that you can buy a​ book from him that will tell you how to​ get free money from the​ government .​

Of course,​ the​ book itself is​ not free and the​ chances are that the​ business and/or the​ pitchman make their living from selling that book and not from free money from anyone .​
But the​ reason that advertisement is​ appealing is​ that we​ have an​ urban myth that the​ government is​ overflowing with money that it​ is​ looking to​ give away if​ we​ can just know how to​ punch the​ right buttons .​
This is​ the​ mystique of​ the​ system more formally known as​ government grants.
When you do your homework,​ it​ turns out that the​ truth about government grants reveals a​ much different situation than the​ windfall of​ funds that they funny man in​ the​ question mark suit might lead us to​ believe .​
Now,​ it’s true that the​ federal government does issue dozens and dozens of​ grants for research and other community related causes each year .​

Many of​ these grants are used to​ help small businesses get off the​ ground that might otherwise flounder .​
This is​ one of​ our government’s methods of​ leveling the​ playing field in​ the​ business world to​ give the​ little guy a​ chance to​ get started .​
But it​ is​ also a​ way for the​ government to​ get funds to​ worthy nonprofit efforts that have a​ mission statement that benefits the​ community or​ the​ culture at​ large.
Another insider’s trick that the​ man in​ the​ question mark suit doesn’t want you to​ know is​ that you can find out all you could ever want to​ know about government grants for free .​
the​ government wants you to​ know about these funds so they can find the​ most qualified businesses or​ nonprofit charities to​ help out .​
You can go directly to​ the​ government web site on​ grants and use their search engine .​
Use the​ .gov domain search tool on​ Google and you will find ample resources to​ guide you .​
Another great resource on​ the​ web is​ the​ Catalog of​ Federal Domestic Assistance which has the​ tools to​ find grants by topic and by your area of​ expertise,​
The misconception that we​ get in​ our heads is​ that because these are grants,​ there is​ no work to​ getting or​ using this governmental money .​
the​ process of​ applying for and competing to​ win a​ government grant can be just as​ much work as​ any job and perhaps even more frustrating because you are in​ competition with others for limited resources .​
Just as​ some people win at​ getting government grants,​ other people are not granted the​ money they seek .​
This is​ a​ part of​ the​ gamble of​ going after a​ government grant that you must reconcile yourself to​ before even you start the​ process.
Be prepared to​ be patient,​ learn about the​ steps and give each stage in​ the​ development of​ your application for the​ grant plenty of​ time and tender loving care .​
You will have to​ gain a​ good comprehension of​ the​ myriad of​ government agencies to​ find the​ one who would be most likely to​ look at​ you for a​ grant .​

The process of​ filling out the​ grant paperwork and submitting your proposal is​ a​ discipline in​ its own right that you may even have to​ seek professional help to​ do well .​
But if​ you do well,​ use plenty of​ patience and your project is​ worthwhile,​ there is​ government out there to​ help you .​
You just have to​ take the​ time to​ learn how to​ go after it.

Free Money From The Government

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