Free Affiliate Programs An Instrument To Earn Money Online

Free Affiliate Programs An Instrument To Earn Money Online

Free Affiliate Programs an​ instrument to​ earn money online
If you have a​ website with some traffic,​ you can make money by having links to​ merchants online shops on​ your site.If someone goes through your links into the​ shop of​ the​ merchant,​ and​ buys something,​ you earn commission from the​ sale,​ between 5% and​ 40% depending on​ type of​ merchant .​

Some merchants also pay for each click or​ each lead .​

a​ lead is​ a​ new visitor to​ the​ shop that asks for more information or​ prize offers.
People or​ companies having these links on​ their websites,​ are called affiliates,​ and​ the​ links are called affiliate links .​

The administrative infrastructure by the​ merchant that the​ affiliate register into,​ in​ order to​ get the​ linking code,​ is​ called an​ affiliate program.
To register into an​ affiliate program is​ usually free,​ and​ through the​ program you get freely all you need to​ make the​ linking code,​ to​ monitor the​ traffic through your links,​ and​ to​ see what commission you have earned.
An affiliate program is​ not a​ MLM program,​ since the​ affiliates only earn from sales,​ leads or​ clicks.
However,​ in​ many programs you can recruit other affiliates and​ earn some commission from the​ sales made by the​ recruited affiliates too .​

There are also common networks operated by thirdpart companies where several merchants use a​ common software and​ administrative infrastructure to​ recruit affiliates and​ monitor the​ traffic from affiliates .​

These are called affiliate networks .​

Both the​ merchants and​ potetial affilliates register into the​ network,​ and​ the​ affiliates can find links to​ the​ online shops of​ hundreds of​ merchants to​ use at​ ​ their website .​

Examples of​ affiliate networks are Commission Junction and​ Clixgalore.
From my experience,​ the​ best affiliate programs are for merchants selling althernative health items or​ items for erotic improvements .​

I ​ also have good experience with programs in​ the​ fields skincare,​ cosmetics and​ hobby.
What will work best for you,​ will however depend upon the​ kind of​ traffic you have,​ and​ the​ interests of​ people visiting your site.

Free Affiliate Programs An Instrument To Earn Money Online

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